The ethical manager : a new method for business ethics

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The book employs the NORM (Neutral, Omnipartial Rule-Making) method to assess a series of complex issues. This new method for moral reasoning, based on the work of John Rawls and other recent philosophers, dramatically simplifies the handling of complex cases and enables readers to make defensible, reasoned assessments of a broad range of current business practices.


1. Can We Speak of Business Ethics ?
2. Ethical Theories and Moral Choice.
3. Neutral, Omnipartial Rule-Making.


4. Managers Obligations.
5. Employee Rights.
6. Customers as Stakeholders.
7. Competitors and Suppliers.
8. Business Ethics in a Global Context.


9. Operationalizing Ethics in Organizations.
10. Ethics and Excellence.
  • use of the NORM method makes the ethical analysis of business ethics cases more accessible for the student and the instructor. The text quickly provides familiarity with moral reasoning to both students and instructors.
  • cases are drawn from real-life situations and represent todays moral dilemmas. An example is a case involving a female banker who finds herself patronized and marginalized in her banks Mexican branch office.
  • covers a wide variety of business ethics issues making it a suitable core text for a variety of courses.
  • end-of-chapter cases challenge students grasps of key principles and ideas.