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The earth: its birth and growth (2nd ed ) (2nd Ed.) Its Birth and Growth

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The earth: its birth and growth (2nd ed )
A clear understanding of the Earth's past evolution can provide the key to its possible future development. The Earth: Its Birth and Growth explores the evolution of the Earth over 4.6 billion years using basic reasoning and simple illustrations to help explain the underlying physical and chemical principles and major processes involved. Fully updated and revised, this rigorous but accessible second edition includes three completely new chapters. It incorporates exciting developments in isotope geology, placing results within a wider framework of Earth evolution and plate tectonics. Some background in physics and chemistry is assumed, but basic theories and processes are explained concisely in self-contained sections. Key research papers and review articles are fully referenced. This book is ideal as supplementary reading for undergraduate and graduate students in isotope geochemistry, geodynamics, plate tectonics and planetary science. It also provides an enjoyable overview of Earth's evolution for professional scientists and general readers.
Preface to the second edition, Preface to the first edition, 1. Heat from within: energy supporting the dynamic Earth, 2. At the time of Earth's birth, 3. Formation of the layered structure of Earth, 4. Time scale of Earth's evolution, 5. Plate tectonics evolution, 6. Evolution of the mantle, 7. Origin of the atmosphere and oceans, 8. Isotopes as DNA of nature, 9. Earth's magnetism, 10. Moon: a looking glass to mirror the ancient Earth, 11. The past and future of the evolving Earth, References, Index.

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