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The asian monsoon (series: springer praxis / environmental sciences), 1st ed. 2019 Environmental Sciences Series

Langue : Anglais

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More than half of the world's people inhabit the region of the Asian monsoon-a region where torrential rains, floods, storms, cold-air surges, droughts, and heat waves are a part of the economy, culture, and rhythms of life. Showing the strongest seasonal variations in the Earth's climate system, the Asian monsoon has far-reaching impacts on global climate and the environment. Its variability exemplifies complex interactions among the Earth's surface, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere. Prediction of monsoon climate fluctuation and future change is one of the greatest scientific challenges and deepest societal concerns. paleoclimate records, present evidence of human influences on monsoon climate, and describe the links of the monsoon to the economy and to human health.This is a comprehensive interdisciplinary text book summarizing new knowledge of Asian monsoon climate variability, dynamics, modeling, and prediction, and human influence and its links to environmetal/economic issues.
Part I Overview The coupled monsoon system (Peter J Webster) The Asian Monsoon: Global perspectives (KevinE Trenbert, James W Hurrell and David P Stepaniak) The Asian winter monsoon (C-P Chang, Zhuo Wang, Harry Hendon)) Part II Monsoon Variability Synoptic systems and weather (Y. Ding and D. R. Sikka) Intraseasonal variability (Duane Waliser) Interannual variability (Song Yang and William K.-M. Lau) Interdecadal variability (B. N. Goswami) Part III Physical Processes Mesoscale processes (Richard H. Johnson) Large-scale dynamics (B. Hoskins and Bin Wang) Energy and water cycle (T-C. Chen) |Land Atmosphere-ocean interaction (Tetsuzo Yasunari) Interactions between the Asian Monsoon and El Nino-Southern Oscillation (N.-C. Lau and Bin Wang) Effects of Tibetan Plateau (M. Yanai and G-X. Wu) Part IV Modeling and Seasonal Prediction Seasonal prediction of Indian summer monsoon (T. N.Krishnamurti, T S V Vijaya Kumar and A K Mitra)) Dynamical seasonal prediction and predictability (I-S Kang and J Shukla) Part V Monsoon in Changing Environment and its impacts Extending the historical record by proxy (Steve C Clemens) Asian monsoons in the future (Akio Kitoh) The Asian monsoon, agriculture and economy (Sulochana Gadgil and K Rupa Kumar) Glossary References Indices

Presents an interdisciplinary scientific theme incorporating the atmosphere, the ocean and the land surface – this sets it apart from the usual monsoon meteorology

Supplies a better understanding of the monsoon environment by including analysis of paleoclimate records

Highlights human influences on the monsoon climate and the economic impacts of the monsoon to economies and to human health

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