The art of public speaking with student cds 5 0 audio cd set powerweb and topic finder (9th ed )

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Whether a novice or an experienced speaker, every student will learn how to be a better public speaker through Lucas' clear explanations and thorough coverage. By far the leading speech textbook of our time, The Art of Public Speaking. has defined the art of being the best for more than six million students and instructors. The Lucas Learning Tools Suite offers even more tools and study options to fit the active lifestyles and diverse learning/teaching styles of today's students and instructors.
Part One: Speaking and Listening Chapter 1: Speaking in Public Chapter 2: Ethics and Public Speaking Chapter 3: Listening Appendix: Giving Your First Speech Part Two: Speech Preparation: Getting Started Chapter 4: Selecting a Topic and Purpose Chapter 5: Analyzing the Audience Chapter 6: Gathering Materials Chapter 7: Supporting Your Ideas Part Three: Speech Preparation: Organizing & Outlining Chapter 8: Organizing the Body of the Speech Chapter 9: Beginning and Ending the Speech Chapter 10: Outlining the Speech Part Four: Presenting the Speech Chapter 11: Using Language Chapter 12: Delivery Chapter 13: Visual Aids Appendix: Using PowerPoint Part Five: Varieties of Public Speaking Chapter 14: Speaking to Inform Chapter 15: Speaking to Persuade Chapter 16: Methods of Persuasion Chapter 17: Speaking on Special Occasions Chapter 18: Speaking in Small Groups Appendix: Speeches for Analysis and Discussion