The american democracy with powerweb (7th ed )

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This comprehensive text is known for its engaging narrative and its positive presentation of the latest developments in scholarship and real-life politics. Through the use of narrative, The American Democracy weaves together theory, information, and examples in ways that highlight key points, make them easy to understand, and capture readers' interest.
PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS I Chapter 1 The American Heritage Chapter 2 Constitutional Democracy Chapter 3 Federalism Chapter 4 Civil Liberties: Protecting Individual Rights Chapter 5 Equal Rights: Struggling Toward Fairness PART TWO: MASS POLITICS Chapter 6 Public Opinion and Political Socialization: Shaping the People's Voice Chapter 7 Political Participation and Voting: Expressing the Popular Will Chapter 8 Political Parties, Candidates, and Campaigns Chapter 9 Interest Groups: Organizing for Influence Chapter 10 The News Media: Communicating Political Images PART THREE: GOVERNING INSTITUTIONS Chapter 11 Congress Chapter 12 The Presidency Chapter 13 The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Government Chapter 14 The Federal Judicial System: Applying the Law PART FOUR: PUBLIC POLICY Chapter 15 Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing To Prosperity Chapter 16 Welfare and Education Policy: Providing for Personal Security and Need Chapter 17 Foreign and Defense Policy: Protecting the American Way Chapter 18 State and Local Politics: Maintaining our Differences