Textiles : fibre to fabric

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Introduction to Textiles. Yarn Formation. Textured and Stretch Yarns. Weaving. Knitting. Compound Fabric Constructions. Felted and Nonwoven Fabric Formation. Decorative Fabric Construction. Finishing Processes. Finishing Processes Functional Effects. Dyeing. Printing and Flocking. Cotton. Linen. Wool and Hair. Silk. Minor Natural Fibers. Rayon: Two Principal Types. Acetate and Triacetate. Nylon. Aramid. Polyester. Acrylic. Modacrylic. Spandex. Polypropylene. Glass. Minor Manmade Fibers. Comparative Characteristics. Consumer Goods for Apparel. Consumer Goods for Home Furnishings. Fabric Care. Testing Fibers. Glossary of Fabrics.