Textbook of family medicine, companion handbook

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Poised to take its place aside the other classic text/references from McGraw-Hill this comprehensive new work in family medicine which details the clinical management of the most important conditions seen in primary practice in an engaging problem-based format. An attractive two-color format gives an accessibility to charts, tables, algorithms and the overall design. Beyond the signs and symptom-based focus, several unique features distinguish this book among its competitors including a review of modern family theory in the age of managed care, presentation of family medicine as a process, and distinct sections for the new subspecialty areas of sports medicine and geriatrics. The first part of the book reviews the principles of family medicine, its history, traditions, and culture and lays the groundwork for management of illness in a social, community, and family context. The second applies these principles in caring for the family including common acute problems (such as sore throat and headache), chronic problems (such as diabetes and hypertension), and behavioral disorders (such as depression, substance abuse, and parenting problems)

1. An Overview and History of the Specialty of Family Practice. 2. A Theoretical Framework for the Discipline of Family Medicine. 3. Access to Care. 4. Continuity of Care. 5. Comprehensive Care. 6. Coordination of Care. 7. Contextual Care. 8. The Clinical Method of the Family Physician. 9. Cold and Sinus Problems. 10. Chest Pain. 11. Low Back Pain. 12. Abdominal Pain. 13. Headaches. 14. Dysuria. 15. Type 2 Diabetes. 16. Hypertension. 17. Cancer Care. 18. Family and Marital Dysfunction. 19. Difficult Doctor-Patient Relationships. 20. Substance Abuse.