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Temporal bone: an imaging atlas, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2010 An Imaging Atlas

Langue : Français

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Temporal bone: an imaging atlas
Imaging of the temporal bone has recently been advanced with multi-detector CT and high resolution MR imaging to the point were radiologists and clinicians must familiarize themselves with anatomy that was previously not resolvable on older generation scanners. Most anatomic reference texts rely on photomicrographs of gross temporal bone dissections and low power mictotomed histological sections to identify clinically relevant anatomy. This atlas will present this anatomy using microimaging techniques that are directly applicable to diagnostic imaging techniques used in everyday clinical practice. The companion CD product will allow the viewer to review the CT and MR datasets in an "imaging workstation" environment.
Chapter 1. Imaging Technique: Imaging Microscopy.-CT Microscopy.-MR microscopy.-Clinicical Imaging.-Volumetric Multidetector CT.-High Field MR.-Post-processing.Chapter 2. Anatomy .-Middle Ear.-Inner Ear.-Internal Auditory CanalChapter 3. Multiplanar Atlas.-Axial Plane (in the plane of the Lateral Semicircular Canal).-Coronal Plane (perpendicular to the plane of the Lateral Semicircular Canal).-Paschl Plane (Short axis of the Temporal Bone).-Stenvers Plane (Long axis of the Temporal Bone)Chapter 4. Advanced Imaging ApplicationsChapter 5. The Temporal Bone Anatomy Tool (CD)
From the reviews:'This beautifully illustrated book attempts to explain the complex anatomy of the temporal bone using CT an MR microscopy. ... This book is written primarily for radiologists, but it is useful for all students of temporal bone anatomy as well as practicing otolaryngologists. ... This will be highly useful to otolaryngology residents, practicing otologisst, and neurotologists. ... It is a high-quality book that provides some of the most detailed descriptions of temporal bone anatomy I have encountered and the imaging complements the text well.' (Eric Roos Snyder, Doody's Review Service, April, 2009)

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