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Switchmode RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers (2nd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Switchmode RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers

Combining solid theoretical discussions with practical design examples, this book is an essential reference on developing RF and microwave switchmode power amplifiers.

With this book you will be able to:

  • Design high-efficiency RF and microwave power amplifiers on different types of bipolar and field-effect transistors using well-known and novel theoretical approaches, nonlinear simulation tools, and practical design techniques
  • Design any type of high-efficiency switchmode power amplifiers operating in Class D or E at lower frequencies and in Class E or F and their subclasses at microwave frequencies, with specified output power
  • Understand the theory and practical implementation of load-network design techniques based on lumped and transmission-line elements
  • Combine multi-stage Doherty architecture and switchmode power amplifiers to significantly increase efficiency of the entire radio transmitter
  • Learn the different types of predistortion linearization techniques required to improve the quality of signal transmission in a nonlinear amplifying system

New to this edition:

  • Comprehensive overview of different Doherty architectures which are, and will be used in modern communication systems to save power consumption and reduce costs
  • A new chapter on analog and digital predistortion techniques
  • Coverage of broadband Class-F power amplifiers, high-power inverse Class-F power amplifiers for WCDMA systems, broadband Class-E techniques

  • Unique focus on switchmode RF and microwave power amplifiers that are widely used in cellular/wireless, satellite and radar communication systems and which offer major power consumption savings
  • Complete coverage of the new Doherty architecture which offers major efficiencies and savings on power consumption
  • Balances theory with practical implementatation, avoiding a cookbook approach, enabling engineers to develop better designs
  • Trusted content from leading figures in the field with a Foreword of endorsement by Zoya Popovic

1. Power amplifier design principles 2. Class-D power amplifiers 3. Class-F power amplifiers 4. Inverse Class F 5. Class E with shunt capacitance 6. Class E with finite dc-feed inductance 7. Class E with quarterwave transmission line 8. Broadband Class E 9. Alternative and mixed-mode high-efficiency power amplifiers 10. High-efficiency Doherty power amplifiers 11. Predistortion linearization techniques 12. Computer-aided design of switchmode power amplifiers

RF/wireless and microwave engineers and designers; university researchers, graduate students

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