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Supportive care for the person with dementia (series: supportive care series) Supportive Care Series Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Hughes Julian, Lloyd-Williams Mari, Sachs Greg

Couverture de l’ouvrage Supportive care for the person with dementia (series: supportive care series)
Supportive care can be thought of as an extension of palliative care so that the person with dementia receives good quality, holistic care that makes no distinctions between the dichotomies of care and cure from the time of diagnosis until, and beyond, death. It recognizes the need for an inter-disciplinary approach and for continuity of care. Supportive care in dementia must, therefore, be broad in its scope and application. Supportive Care for the person with dementia provides just such a broad and full perspective, drawing upon the experience and expertise of a wide range of internationally-based professionals to outline a model of supportive care that will provide good quality and holistic care for people with dementia. Making use of real-life reports from both patients and carers to help readers fully understand the reality of dementia, the book examines the key principles that guide the practice of supportive care. It looks at how supportive care can be used, and specific benefits a care model of this type can bring to the complex problems that are frequently encountered when treating this condition. It is an ideal resource for all clinicians who are part of an interdisciplinary team caring for sufferers with this debilitating illness.
1. Characterizing care. 2. An introduction to the dementias: a clinical view. 3. The view of the person with dementia. 4. The view of the family carer. 5. Offering supportive care in dementia: reflections on the PEACE programme. 6. Services for younger adults with dementia. 7. Huntington's disease and dementia. 8. Patients with HIV-associated dementia. 9. Down's syndrome and dementia: a framework for practice to support people with Down's syndrome and dementia living in generic care homes. 10. Dementia care in developing countries. 11. Ingredients and issues in supportive care for people with dementia: summarizing from models of care. 12. Pharmacological management of neuropsychiatric symptoms in people with dementia. 13. Hospital admissions in dementia. 14. Distress and pain in dementia. 15. The role of the family doctor in supportive care for people with dementia. 16. Community mental health nursing and supportive care. 17. From psychological interventions to a psychology of dementia. 18. Supportive care: social care and social work approaches. 19. Care homes and long-term care for people with dementia. 20. Assisted living programmes providing supportive care for dementia. 21. Spiritual care of people with dementia and their carers. 22. Anticipatory and disenfranchised grief among dementia family caregivers: helping spouse and adult/child caregivers to cope. 23. Communicating with people with dementia. 24. Maintaining the self in dementia. 25. Person-centred care as supportive care. 26. Narrative, supportive care, and dementia: a preliminary exploration. 27. Persons with severe dementia and the notion of bodily autonomy. 28. Advance care planning: an American view. 29. Advance care planning and palliative care in dementia: a view from the Netherlands. 30. Living and dying at home with dementia. 31. Namaste care and dying in institutional settings. 32. The principles and practice of supportive care in dementia.

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