Supply chain logistics management

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Supply Chain Logistics Management is exciting and promises to bolster traditional logistics courses and invigorate supply chain management courses, by examining traditional logistics issues within the context of the supply chain. Most textbooks approach this subject from a limited perspective, studying only internal functions of an organization to the exclusion of issues that relate to the entire supply chain. Supply Chain Logistics Management, provides a solid foundation that clearly describes the role of logistics within the supply chain, portraying a complete view of the subject and going farther to show how all the pieces fit together.
Part 1:Logistics in Supply Chain Collaboration
Chapter 1: Twenty-first Century Supply Chains
Chapter 2: Lean Logistics
Chapter 3: Customer Accommodation
Chapter 4: Market-Distribution Strategy
Chapter 5: Procurement-Manufacturing Strategies
Chapter 6: Operational Integration
Cases (4) Integrative Management
Integrated Logistics (DuPont)
Woodmere Products
Zwick Electrical
Alternative Distribution (Nabisco)
Part 2:Technology Structure
Chapter 7: Information Networks
Chapter 8: Enterprise Resource Planning and Extension Systems
Chapter 9: Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Problems: Technology
Part 3:Operations
Chapter 10: Inventory Management and Strategy
Chapter 11: Transportation Infrastructure and Regulation
Chapter 12: Transportation Management
Chapter 13: Warehousing
Chapter 14: Packaging and Materials Handling
Problems: Logistical Operations
Part 4:Network Design
Chapter 15: Network Integration
Chapter 16: Design Process and Techniques
Cases (5) Network Design
WGP Chemical
Western Pharmaceutical (A)
Western Pharmaceutical (B)
Part 5:Administration
Chapter 17: Organization and Relationship Management
Chapter 18: Performance and Financial Assessment
Cases (4) Supply Chain Management
Woodson Chemical
Performance Control
Wilmont Drugs
Dream Beauty