Structure & properties of engineering alloys (2nd Ed.)

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Thème de Structure & properties of engineering alloys

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Strives to familiarize students with the various types of major engineering alloys and their applications which will perhaps enable them to make better decisions for material selection for engineering designs. This edition contains new chapters on magnesium and zinc alloys among others.
1 Iron-Carbon Alloys I 2 Iron-Carbon Alloys II 3 Carbon Steels 4 Alloy Steels 5 Aluminum Alloys 6 Copper Alloys 7 Stainless Steels 8 Cast Irons 9 Tool Steels 10 Titanium Alloys 11 Nickel and Cobalt Alloys 12 Magnesium and Zinc Alloys 13 Refractory Alloys 14 Surface Hardening and Modification of Metals