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Strings 2001

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The book comes out of the "Strings 2001" conference, organized by the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (Mumbai, India), the Abdus Salam ICTP (Trieste, Italy), and the Clay Mathematics Institute (Cambridge, MA, USA). Individual articles discuss the study of D-branes, black holes, string dualities, compactifications, Calabi-Yau manifolds, conformal field theory, noncommutative field theory, string field theory, and string phenomenology. Numerous references provide a path to previous findings and results.
R. Gopakumar, M. Headrick, and M. Spradlin: Noncommutative solitons I, J. G. Russo: Free energy and critical temperature in eleven dimensions, P. Horava: On de Sitter entropy and string theory, C. M. Hull: Strongly coupled gravity and conformal invariance, M. Aganagic, R. Gopakumar, S. Minwalla, and A. Strominger: Noncommutative solitons II, N. R. Constable, R. C. Myers, and O. Tafjord: Fuzzy funnels: Non-abelian brane intersections, S. P. Trivedi: Magnetic branes and giant gravitons, P. Kraus: String field theory and the $Doverline{D}$ system, L. Rastelli, A. Sen, and B. Zwiebach: Vacuum string field theory, D. Ghoshal: Normalization of the boundary superstring field theory, K. Hori: Mirror symmetry and some applications, S. Govindarajan and T. Jayaraman: D-branes and vector bundles on Calabi-Yau manifolds: A view from the helix, M. R. Douglas: D-branes and $mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetry,. Part 1: Antoniadis. String physics at low energies, S. Kachru: Tunneling-mediated supersymmetry breaking, G. Aldazabal, S. Franco, L. E. Ibanez, R. Rabadan, and A. Uranga: Physics at intersecting branes, E. Silverstein: (A)dS backgrounds from asymmetric orientfolds,. Part 1: Ellwood and W. Taylor: Gauge invariance and tachyon condensation in open string field theory, J. Majumder: Non-BPS D-branes on a Calabi-Yau orbifold, S. Mukhi and N. Part 5: Suryanarayana. Ramond-Ramond couplings of noncommutative branes, S. S. Gubser and. Part 1: Mitra. Instability of charged black holes in anti-de Sitter space, M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, H. Lu, and C. N. Pope: Resolved branes and M-theory on special holonomy spaces, H. Verlinde: Some challenges for holography, D. Gross: An exact prediction of $mathcal{N}=4$ SUSYM gauge theory and comparison with string theory, S. Das: Bulk couplings to noncommutative branes, Y. Okawa and H. Ooguri: Energy-momentum tensors in matrix theory and in noncommutative gauge theories,. Part 5: A. Kazakov: Matrix model of two-dimensional black hole, A. Dhar and Y. Kitazawa: Wilson lines in noncommutative gauge theories, S.-J. Rey: Classical and planar limits in noncommutative field theories, S. L. Shatashvili: On field theory of open strings, tachyon condensation and closed strings, G. Mandal and S. R. Wadia: Brane-antibrane system and the tachyon potential from matrix model, S. W. Hawking: ADS, CFT and cosmology, E. Witten: Quantum gravity in de Sitter space, E. Gava, A. B. Hammou, J. F. Morales, and K. S. Narain: D1/D5 systems in $mathcal{N}=4$ string theories, R. Argurio, A. Giveon, and A. Shomer: String theory on ${rm AdS}_3$ and symmetric products, M. Bianchi, M. B. Green, and S. Kovacs: Instantons and BPS Wilson loops, A. W. Peet: More on singularity resolution, N. Dorey, T. Hollowood, and S. P. Kumar: From ${mathcal N}=4$ to ${mathcal N}=1$: Exact results vs AdS/CFT,. Part 1: R. Klebanov: Supergravity dual of a cascading confining gauge theory, S. Fredenhagen and. Part 5: Schomerus. Brane dynamics in CFT backgrounds, C. Bachas: D-branes in some near-horizon geometries, J. A. Harvey: Topology of the gauge group in noncommutative gauge theory, D. Kutasov: Comments on the thermodynamics of little string theory and two dimensional string theory, J. H. Schwarz: Comments on Born-Infeld theory, A. Dabholkar, S. Mukhi, and S. R. Wadia: Acknowledgments, A. Dabholkar, S. Mukhi, and S. R. Wadia: List of participants

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