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strategy process:collegiate edition

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1. The Strategy Concept.

Strategies for Change, Quinn. Five Ps for Strategy, Mintzberg.

2. The Strategist.

The Manager's Job: Folklore and Fact, Mintzberg. Good Managers Don't Make Policy Decisions, Wrapp.

3. Strategy Design and Planning.

The Concept of Corporate Strategy, Andrews. The Evaluation of Business Strategy, Rumelt.

4. Business Level Strategy Analysis.

How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy, Porter. Generic Strategies for Locating and Distinguishing the Core Business, Mintzberg.

5. Strategy Formation.

The Honda Effect, Pascale. Crafting Strategy, Mintzberg. Managing Strategy Formation: Logical Incrementalism, Quinn and Voyer.


6. Structure and Systems.

The 7-S Framework, Robert H. Waterman, Jr., Thomas J. Peters, and Julian R. Phillips. Structures, Forces and Forms in Effective Organizations, Mintzberg.

7. Organizational Culture and Strategy.

Ideology and the Missionary Organization, Mintzberg. Organizational Culture: 'Getting a Fix' on an Elusive Concept, W. Jack Duncan.

8. Power and Politics.

The Institutional Function of Management, Jeffrey Pfeffer. Who Should Control the Corporation?, Mintzberg.


9. Structure and Strategy in Entrepreneurial Organizations.

The Entrepreneurial Organization, Mintzberg. Competitive Strategy in Emerging Industries, Michael E. Porter. Competitive Strategy in Fragmented Industries, Michael E. Porter. A Reexamination of the Niche Concept, Arnold C. Cooper, Gary E. Willard, Carolyn Y. Woo.

10. Structure and Strategy in Mature Organizations.

The Machine Organization, Mintzberg. The Transition to Industry Maturity, Porter.

11. Structure and Strategy in Professional and Innovative Organizations.

The Professional Organization, Mintzberg. The Innovative Organization, Mintzberg. Managing Innovation: Controlled Chaos, Quinn.

12. Corporate-Level Strategy and Structure.

Generic Strategies for Elaborating, Extending and Reconceiving the Core Business, Mintzberg. The Diversified Organization, Mintzberg. From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy, Porter.

13. Global Strategy and Structure.

Global Strategy . . . In a World of Nations?, George S. Yip. The Global Logic of Strategic Alliances, Kenichi Ohmae.

14. Managing Change.

Convergence and Upheaval: Managing the Unsteady Pace of Organizatioal Evolution, Michael L. Tushman, Illiam H. Newman, and Elaine Romanelli. Responding to Crisis, William H. Starbuck, Arent Greve, and Bo L. T. Hedberg. Designing Turnaround Strategies, Charles W. Hofer.

15. Thinking Strategically.

Strategy Follows Structure: Developing Distinctive Skills, Thomas J. Peters. Myth of the Well-Educated Manager, J. Sterling Livingston.


Edward Marshall Boehm. E&J Gallo Winery. General Mills, Inc. IBM (A): The System/360 Decision. Sony Corporation. New! W.L. Gore and Associates. New! National Westminster Bank, U.S.A. Peet, Russ, Anderson and Detroit. New! Microso

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