Strategic marketing management cases with cd - ise (7th ed )

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Strategic Marketing Management Cases is a versatile collection of approximately 45 cases. This casebook has a decision-making focus and addresses the challenges facing marketing managers today. It is organized to reflect the priorities of a marketing manager: market orientation, growth strategies and target market strategies.
Part 1Market Orientation and Organizational Learning Case1-1: Enterprise Rental-A-Car: Selling the Dream (video case) Case1-2: Medical Products Inc.: Developing New Products for the 21st Century Case1-3: The Boston Red Sox Case1-4: Battered Women Fighting Back! Case1-5: Filterfresh Case1-6: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Case1-7: Bear Creek Golf Range Case1-8: E-Business: Sun Microsystems Inc. "Sun's Bid to Rule the Web" Part 2 Marketing Program Development Case2-1: Dunkin' Donuts (video case) Case2-2: Medical Products Inc.: The "Wolverine" Project Case2-3: L'Oreal Nederland B.V. Case2-4: The New York Islanders Hockey Club, Inc. Case2-5: Pfizer, Inc. Animal Health Products (A) Case2-6: Apache Power, Inc. Case2-7: E-Business: Oracle Corp. "Why It's Cool Again" Part 3 Growth Strategies Case3-1: Rollerblade, Inc.: Doing Business in a Mature Market (video case) Case3-2: Blair Water Purifiers India Case3-3: SystemSoft Corporation Case3-4: Transvit of Novgorod, Russia Case3-5: Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy Case3-6: Taurus Hungarian Rubber Works Case3-7: E-Business: Vignette Corp. "Making the Web Go" Part 4 Innovation and Strategic Brand Management Case4-1: Coca-Cola(Japan)Company (video case) Case4-2: The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card Case4-3: The Quaker Oats Company, Gatorade, and Snapple Beverage Case4-4: Cruisers Case4-5: Cima Mountaineering, Inc. Case4-6: Murphy Brewing Ireland, Limited Case4-7: Slendertone (A) Case4-8: E-Business: AOL Time Warner "Welcome to the 21st Century" Part 5 Supply Chain Management and Partnership Alignment Case5-1: Aligator Records (video case) Case5-2: Electro-Products Limited Case5-3: Konark Television India Case5-4: San Miguel Corporation Specialty Products Group Case5-5: Camar Automotive Hoist Case5-6: Wentworth Industrial Cleaning Supplies Case5-7: E-Business: Avon Products, Inc. "The New Calling" Part 6 Cross-Functional Integration Case6-1: Navistar International Transportation Corporation (video case) Case6-2: Floral Farms Case6-3: The National Bicycle Industrial Co. Case6-4: Powtron Corporation Case6-5: Chemical Additives Corporation Specialty Products Group Case6-6: Southern Home Developers Case6-7: Quality Plastics International S.A. de C.V. Case6-8: E-Business: Intel "The New Intel" Part 7 Implementing Marketing Plans and Assessing Performance Case7-1: CUTCO International (video case) Case7-2: The Bacova Guild, Ltd. Case7-3: Pfizer, Inc. Animal Health Products (B) Case7-4: Calloway Golf Company Case7-5: Wind Technology Case7-6: Slendertone (B) Case7-7: Longevity Healthcare Systems, Inc. Case7-8: E-Business:, Inc. "Can Amazon Make It?" Appendix A Marketing Financial Analysis Appendix BGuide to Case Analysis Index of Cases