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Stellar rotation, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1970 Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, O., U.S.A., September 8-11, 1969

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Stellar rotation
The International Astronomical Union Colloquium on Stellar Rotation was held at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. from September 8th through 11 th, 1969. Forty-four scientists from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, East and West Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, and the United States attended and participated in the Colloquium. The present volume, which parallels the actual program closely, contains the papers presented at the Colloquium plus most of the discussion following those papers. The Colloquium was sponsored by the International Astronomical Union, the Ohio State University, and the National Science Foundation. It is a pleasure to record my thanks to these organizations and especially to Dr. Geoffrey Keller, Dean of the College of Mathematics and Physical Sciences of the Ohio State University, and to Prof. C. de Jager, Assistant General Secretary of the International Astronomical Un­ ion, for their kind cooperation. I am also grateful to H. A. Abt, J. Hardorp, R. P. Kraft, Mrs. A. Massevitch, M. Plavec, 1. W. Roxburgh, and E. Schatzman of the Organizing Committee, as well as A. J. Deutsch and G. W. Collins, II, for their help in planning the Colloquium­ all of them offered valuable suggestions toward organizing the program.
I / The Effects of Rotation on Stellar Interiors and Evolution.- Observed Rotational Velocities of Single Stars (Review Paper).- Rotation and Stellar Interiors (Review Paper).- A Simple Method for the Solution of the Stellar Structure Equations Including Rotation and Tidal Forces.- The Interaction of Rotation with Convection.- Rotational Perturbation of a Radial Oscillation in a Gaseous Star.- Rotational Velocities of Evolved A and F Stars.- Rotation and Evolution of Be Stars.- Evolution of a Rotating Star of Nine Solar Masses.- Evolution of Rapidly Rotating B-Type Stars.- On the Loss of Angular Momentum from Stars in the Pre-Main Sequence Phase.- II / The Effects of Rotation on Stellar Atmospheres.- The Effects of Rotation on the Atmospheres of Early-Type Main-Sequence Stars (Review Paper).- On the Effect of Rotation on Stellar Absorption Lines.- Observations of Stellar Rotation and Line Strengths for OB Stars.- Rotating Stellar Atmospheres and the Energy Distribution of Altair.- Rotation and Macroturbulence in Supergiant Stars.- III / Stellar Rotation in Binaries, Clusters, and Special Objects.- Statistics of Stellar Rotation.- Rotation in Close Binaries (Review Paper).- Fission and the Origin of Binary Stars.- Structure of Close Binaries. I: Polytropes.- Rotational Correlation in Binary Stars.- The Rotation of the Main-Sequence Components of Algol-Type Semi-Detached Eclipsing Binaries.- Binary Orbit Perturbations and the Rotational Angular Momentum of Stellar Interiors.- Stellar Rotation in Open Clusters (Review Paper).- Calibration of Intermediate-Band Photometric Parameters and V Sin i Effects.- Maxwellian Distributions for Stellar Rotations.- On the Rotation of A-Type Stars.- A Statistical Treatment of the Stellar Rotational Velocities which Considers the Break-up Limit.- On the UV Cet-Type Star Rotation.- The Rotation of the Ap Stars from the Point of View of the Rigid Rotator Model.- On the Theory of Rotating Magnetic Stars.- Magnetic Braking and the Oblique Rotator Model.- Significance of Time Variations in the Be Phenomenon.- The Rotation of the Be Star ? Cas.- IV / The Rotation of the Sun.- The Rotation of the Sun (Review Paper).- On the Equatorial Acceleration of the Sun.- Spectroscopic Observations of Differential Rotation with Height in the Solar Envelope.- Spin Down of Boussinesq Fluid in the Circular Cylinder, as a Simulation of the Solar Spin-Down Procedure.- Thermal Stability of Nonspherical Stars and the Solar Oblateness Problem.- Differential Rotation in the Solar Interior.- Solar Oblateness and Differentially Rotating Polytropes.

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