Statistics for engineers and scientists with cd

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Engineering Statistics is an applied statistics book suitable for a one-semester course. It is geared especially toward engineers, but may also be suitable for science students. The book takes a very practical approach it introduces only as much math as is necessary to understand the concepts presented, and teaches more through example than through presentation of theory. The book includes comprehensive coverage of error analysis, a topic which is basic to the analysis of experimental data and of critical importance to engineers, yet is generally not found in other introductory textbooks. The book also emphasizes model-fitting skills. The student version of MINITAB, the most popular statistics software, is packaged with the text. Text examples include output in MINITAB format.
1 Descriptive Statistics
2 Probability
3 Propagation of Error
4 Commonly Used Distributions
5 Confidence Intervals
6 Hypothesis Testing
7 Correlation and Simple Linear Regression
8 Multiple Regression
9 Factorial Experiments
10 Statistical Quality Control
A Tables
B Partial Derivatives