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Spurr's boatbook: upgrading the cruising sailboat (2nd ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Spurr's boatbook: upgrading the cruising sailboat (2nd ed )
Introduction Introduction to the Second Edition Chapter 1 The Anatomy of a Cruising Sailboat The Cruising Imperatives, Design and Construction Considerations, Hull Material, Rigs, Reading List Chapter 2 Strengthening Major Structural Components Identifying Work Areas, Glass Fibers, Resins, Deck Reinforcements, Hull Flex, Hull/Deck Joints, Deck Compression, Chainplates, External Reinforcements, Inner Liners, Reinforcing Rudders, Reading List Chapter 3 A Seagoing Interior Layout Typical Boat Production Boat Layout, My Ideal Layout, The Metamorphosis of The Triton 64, For Comfort and Safety, Disaster Checklist, Reading List Chapter 4 Installing and Maintaining Sea Cocks Types of Sea Valves, Trouble with Gate Valves, Installing Sea Cocks, Electrical Bonding, Maintaining and Operating Sea Cocks, Reading List Chapter 5 Basic Plumbing Tanks, Piping, Pumps, Freshwater Systems, Seawater Systems, Odds and Ends, Installing Pumps, Pump Maintenance, Reading List Chapter 6 Steering Systems Tiller Steering, Cable Steering, Hydraulic Steering, Worm Gear/Rack and Pinion Steering, Installing Steering, Autopilot Adaptations, Emergency Steering, Making an Emergency Rudder, Wind Vane Auxiliary, Rudders, Weak Links, Reading List Chapter 7 Self-Steering Systems Autopilots versus Wind Vanes, Tiller-Mounted Autopilots, Below Deck Autopilots, Wind Vanes, Adjusting Wind Vanes, Self-Steering Expectations, Buying a Wind Vane, Reading List Chapter 8 Repowering with Diesel Gasoline Engines, The Small Diesel, Going Engineless, Repowering The Triton 146, How Many Horses?, Fuel Capacity, Propellers, Filters, Mechanical Starters, Cutless Bearings/Stuffing Boxes, Reading List Chapter 9 An Efficient Deck Layout Metals and Woods, Bedding Deck Fittings, Bowsprits, Platforms, Pulpits, Anchor Wells, A Complete Ground Tackle System, Lifelines, Stanchions, and Safety Lines, Ventilation, A Seaworthy Companionway, Winches, Halyard Systems, Cleats, Mast Pulpits, Deck Prisms, Propane Tank Storage, Water Fills and Catchments, Deck Drains, Making a Sea Hood, Cockpits, Safety Equipment, Lights, Boom Gallows, Storm Shutters, Bulwarks, Reading List Chapter 10 Rigs and Sails Types of Rigs, Spars, Standing Rigging, Running Rigging, Sails, Reading List Chapter 11 Galley Systems Requirements of a Good Galley, Types of Fuel, Installing an LPG System, Refrigeration, Contemplating Changes, Reading List Chapter 12 Generating Electrical Power Batteries, Measuring Electricity, Fuel-Powered Generators and Inverters, Water-Driven Generators, Wind-Driven Generators, Solar Power, Installing New Systems, Reading List Chapter 13 Instruments and the Electrical System Navigation Instruments, Marine Radiotelephones, Electrical Bonding, Lightning Ground Protection, 12-Volt DC Systems, Installing Shore Power, Reading List Chapter 14 Beating the Heat and Cold Air Conditioning, Heating, Simpler Solutions, Reading List Chapter 15 Painting and Varnishing Bottom Painting, Varnishes and Oils, Topside Painting, Paint Your Boat's Name, Reading List Chapter 16 Dinghies Hard versus Inflatable, Production Dinghies, Building from Plans, Nesting Dinghies, Stitch-and-Tape Construction, Dinghy Stowage, Reading List Epilogue Appendices A. Characteristics of Common Woods B. Characteristics of Common Metals

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