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This new edition provides students with a solid foundation in the concepts of sport and exercise psychology and their application in exercise and sport settings. New texts now come packaged with PowerWeb: Health & Human Performance!
Part 1 Introduction 1 Introduction to Sport Psychology Part 2 Motivation of the Athlete 2 Motivation and Self-confidence in Sport 3 Goal Perspective in Sport 4 Attribution in Sport 5 Developing Intrinsic Motivation 6 Goal Setting in Sport 7 Youth Sports Part 3 Arousal, Attention and Personality of the Athlete 8 Neurophysiology of Arousal 9 Attention and Concentration in Sport 10 Personality of the Athlete Part 4 Situational Factors Related to Anxiety and Mood 11 Mood State and Athletic Performance 12 Anxiety, Arousal and Stress Relationships 13 Alternatives to Inverted-U Theory Part 5 Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions 14 Coping Strategies in Sport 15 Relaxation Strategies in Sport 16 Arousal Energizing Strategies in Sport 17 Imagery and Sport Performance 18 Role of Hypnosis in Sport 19 Psychological Skills Training Part 6 Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise 20 Aggression and Violence in Sport 21 Audience and Crowd Effects in Sport 22 Team Cohesion in Sport 23 Leadership in Sport Part 7 Psychobiology of Sport and Exercise 24 Exercise Psychology 25 Overtraining and Burnout 26 Psychology of Athletic Injuries 27 Drug Abuse in Sport and Exercise Author Index Subject Index