Spencer's pathology of the lung, 5th ed.

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Thème de Spencer's pathology of the lung, 5th ed.

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This revised and expanded text reflects the most recent developments in the field of the pathology of the lung. Topics include fungal infections, parasitic lung diseases, adult respiratory distress syndrome, and occupational lung diseases.
Normal Anatomy. Embryology. Congenital and Pediatric Disease. The Lung in AIDS. Viral Infection. Mycoplasma, Rikitsia, and Chlamydial Infection. Bacterial Infection Aspiration and Lung. Fungal Infection. Parasitic Lung Disease. Bronchiectasis. Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Pulmonary Fibrosis. Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis. Eosingophilic Pnuemonias. Occupational Lung Disease. Sarcoidosis. Lung Injury Due to Radiation. Drug-Induced Lung Disease. Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. The Carotid Body and Pulmonary Glomera. Pulmonary Vascular Disease. The Pathology of Bronchial Asthma. Pulmonary Edema. Pulmonary Changes After Transplantation. Miscellaneous Conditions and Lung Diseases of Unknown Etiology. The Lung in Connective Tissue Disorders. Granulomatous Lung Disease. Pulmonary Vasculitides and Pulmonary Hemorrhage. Benign Lung Tumors. The Genetics of Lung Cancer. Carcinoma In-Situ, Common Primary and Secondary Lung Tumors. Pulmonary Lymphomas. Pleural Disease. Modern Diagnostic Techniques. Cytology in Diagnoses.