Special education in multicultural contexts

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I. FOUNDATIONS OF MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION. 1. A Multicultural Society. 2. The Theory and Practice of Multicultural Education. 3. Bilingualism and Bilingual Education. II. MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION FOR STUDENTS WITH NEEDS. 4. Multicultural/Bilingual Special Education. 5. School Failure and Students at Risk. 6. Individual Differences and Learning Styles. III. PATHWAYS TO LEARNING. 7. Assessment Practices in Multicultural Special Education. 8. Preparing for Instruction: The IEP Process. 9. Involving Parents, Families, and Communities. IV. BRIDGES TO THE CURRICULUM. 10. Modifying the School and Classroom Climate. 11. Learning Styles and Instructional Formats. 12. Infusing Multicultural Content. V. PROMOTING LANGUAGE AND LITERACY. 13. The Language Learning Environment. 14. Approaching Literacy: Becoming a Reader and Writer. Appendix A. Important Background Terms. Appendix B. Resources for Instruction. Appendix C. Answer Key. References. Name Index. Subject Index.