Sociology with powerweb (9th ed )

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Like its predecessors, the ninth edition of this text brings to readers a comprehensive, up-to-date presentation that teaches students how to think critically about society and their own lives from a wide range of classical and contemporary perspectives. Combining balanced coverage of theory with current research findings and abundant learning aids and exercises, this text will help students develop a sociological imagination.
List of Chapter-Opening Excerpts List of Boxes List of Social Policy Sections List of Maps Preface Part 1: The Sociological Perspective Chapter 1: Understanding Sociology Chapter 2: Sociological Research Part 2: Organizing Social Life Chapter 3: Culture Chapter 4: Socialization Chapter 5: Social Interaction and Social Structure Chapter 6: Groups and Organizations Chapter 7: The Mass Media Chapter 8: Deviance and Social Control Part 3: Social Inequality Chapter 9: Stratification and Social Mobility in the United States Chapter 10: Social Inequality Worldwide Chapter 11: Racial and Ethnic Inequality Chapter 12: Stratification by Gender Chapter 13: Stratification by Age Part 4: Social Institutions Chapter 14: The Family and Intimate Relationships Chapter 15: Religion Chapter 16: Education Chapter 17: Government and Politics Chapter 18: The Economy and Work Chapter 19: Health and Medicine Part 5: Changing Society Chapter 20: Communities and Urbanization Chapter 21: Population and the Environment Chapter 22: Collective Behavior and Social Movements Chapter 23: Social Change and Technology Glossary References Acknowledgements Photo Credits Name Index Subject Index