Social psychology with powerweb

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Focusing on research methodology and scientific thinking, Jonathan Brown¿s Introduction to Social Psychology is a new text that helps students understand the experimental nature of Social Psychology. The text¿s systematic and rigorous approach is presented in an engaging writing style. Through coverage of many prominent classic and contemporary studies, Brown shows how Social Psychology principles are not always common sense and are often counter-intuitive.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Social Psychology

Chapter 2 Social Psychology¿s Theoretical Roots

Chapter 3 Social Perception

Chapter 4 Social Inference

Chapter 5 The Self

Chapter 6 Attitudes and Behavior

Chapter 7 Persuasion

Chapter 8 Social Influence

Chapter 9 Groups

Chapter 10 Prejudice

Chapter 11 Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 12 Helping

Chapter 13 Aggression