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Social mobility in Europe

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Breen Richard

Couverture de l’ouvrage Social mobility in Europe
Social Mobility in Europe is the most comprehensive study to date of trends in intergenerational social mobility. Leading scholars from across Europe come together in this major new book, using data from 11 European countries over the past 30 years, to call into question long-standing views and beliefs.
1: Richard Breen: The Comparative Study of Social Mobility, 2: Richard Breen: Statistical Methods of Mobility Research, 3: Richard Breen and Ruud Luijkx: Social Mobility in Europe Between 1970 and 2000, 4: Walter Mueller and Reinhard Pollack: Social Mobility in West Germany: The Long Arms of History Discovered?, 5: Louis-Andre Vallet: Change in Intergenerational Class Mobility in France from the 1970s to the 1990s and its Explanation: An Analysis Following the Casmin Approach, 6: Maurizio Pisati and Antonio Schizzerotto: The Italian Mobility Regime: 1985-1997, 7: Richard Layte and Christopher T. Whelan: Class Transformation and Trends in Social Fluidity in the Republic of Ireland 1973-1994, 8: John H. Glodthorpe and Colin Mills: Trends in Intergenerational Class Mobility in Britain in the Late Twentieth Century, 9: Jan O. Jonsson: Equality at a Halt? Social Mobility in Sweden 1976-1999, 10: Kristen Ringdal: Social Mobility in Norway 1973-1995, 11: Bogdan W. Mach: Intergenerational Mobility in Poland 1972-1988-1994, 12: Peter Robert and Erzsebet Bukodi: Changes in Intergenerational Class Mobility in Hungary 1973-2000, 13: Meir Yaish: Opportunities, Little Change: Class Mobility in Israeli Society 1974-1991, 14: Harry B. G. Ganzeboom and Ruud Luijkx: Recent Trends in Intergenerational Occupational Class Reproduction in The Netherlands 1970-1999, 15: Richard Breen and Ruud Luijkx: Conclusions, References
  • Based on large data set from 11 European countries over 30 years
  • Contradicts wide-held beliefs, such as there being a basic similarity in social fludity in all industrial societies
  • First study of social mobility to introduce a temporal dimension
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