Sleep and mental illness

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Foreword J. Allan Hobson, Part I. Basic Science: 1. Neuropharmacology of mental illness Elliott Richelson, 2. Effects of antidepressants on gene expression Alessandro Serretti, 3. Genetics of circadian rhythms in relation to mental illness Sara Dallaspezia and Francesco Benedetti, 4. Neurochemistry of sleep: in relation to the neurobiology of depression Christopher Michael Sinton and Robert W. McCarley, 5. Neurobiology of insomnia Joëlle Adrien and Lucile Garma, 6. Animal models of sleep and stress: implications to mental illness Deborah Suchecki, 7. Insomnia and brain orexin alterations in depressive illness Pingfu Feng, Part II. Neuroendocrinology: 8. Pathophysiology of changes of sleep EEG and hormone secretion in affective disorders Axel Steiger and Mayumi Kimura, 9. Eating and sleep disorders: shared mechanisms? Naomi L. Rogers and Bradley G. Whitwell, 10. Sleep-endocrine relationships in depressed women across the reproductive cycle Charles J. Meliska and Barbara L. Parry, 11. Melatonin and mental illness Gregory M. Brown, Daniel P. Cardinali and S. R. Pandi-Perumal, 12. Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) in psychiatric disorders M. Smits, D. Warren Spence, S. R. Pandi-Perumal and G. M. Brown, Part III. Clinical Science: 13. International classification of sleep disorders Michael J. Thorpy and Imran M. Ahmed, 14. Insomnia: a risk for future psychiatric illness Matthew R. Ebben, 15. The association between sleep disorders and depression Negar Ahmadi, Philip Saleh and Colin M. Shapiro, 16. Sleep in late-life depression Wilfred R. Pigeon, 17. Long term effects of antidepressants on sleep Marie E. Beitinger and Stephany Fulda, 18. Antidepressant induced alteration of sleep EEG Luc Staner, 19. REM interruption as a therapy for depression M. Y. Agargun, 20. Sleep in dementia Jürgen Staedt and Stefan Rupprecht-Mrozek, 21. Sleep and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Reut Gruber and Paolo De Luca, 22. Interaction between sleep and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Anna Ivanenko, 23. Sleep in autism R. Godbout, 24. Sleep in schizophrenia R. Godbout, 25. Fatigue and sleepiness in affective illness Jonathan Adrian Ewing Fleming, 26. Sleep in seasonal affective disorder Timo Partinen and S. R. Pandi-Perumal, 27. Sleep during antipsychotic treatment Andreas Schuld, Christoph Lauer and Thomas Pollmächer, 28. Sleep-related memory consolidation in mental illness Nathalie Pross and Luc Staner, 29. Sleep associated cognitive side-effects of psychoactive medications James F. Pagel, 30. Sleep and post-traumatic stress disorder Andrea Iaboni and Harvey Moldofsky, 31. Sleep and substance use and abuse Deirdre A. Conroy, J. Todd Arnedt, Kirk J. Brower and Robert A. Zucker, 32. Sleep in traumatic brain injury Marie-Christine Ouellet, Simon Beaulieu-Bonneau and Charles M. Morin, 33. Sleep and borderline personality disorder José Manuel De La Fuente, 34. Dream differences in psychiatric patients Milton Kramer, 35. Forensic issues of sleep in psychiatric patients Irshaad Ebrahim, 36. Sleep abnormalities and Prader-Willi syndrome Joe Barbera, Inna Voloh and Colin M. Shapiro, Index.