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Sexual Function in the Prostate Cancer Patient, 2009 Current Clinical Urology Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Mulhall John P

Couverture de l’ouvrage Sexual Function in the Prostate Cancer Patient

Sexual dysfunction presents a major challenge to physicians who take on the task of treating men with prostate cancer. While curing the disease and saving a life is paramount, improving technologies and therapies offer skilled surgeons and clinical oncologists the opportunity to eradicate the disease without compromising sexual function. In Sexual Function of the Prostate Cancer Patient, John Mulhall and a panel of internationally recognized experts on prostate cancer and sexual function assess in detail the current state of prostate cancer treatment. The authors offer a broad overview of the pathophysiology and treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with prostate cancer, reviewing the latest findings regarding erection-sparing radiation therapy and sexual function outcomes after laparascopic and robotic prostatectomy. Additional chapters discuss intra-operative maneuvers to minimize post-operative erectile dysfunction and pharmacologic penile preservation and rehabilitation. Timely and authoritative, Sexual Function in the Prostate Cancer Patient is a highly readable guide to preserving post-prostate cancer sexual function that no urologist or radiation and medical oncologist should be without.

Ch 1. Sexual Dysfunctions Following Prostate Cancer Treatment Raanan Tal MD and John P. Mulhall MD Ch 2. The Impact Of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis And Post-Treatment Sexual Dysfunction On Quality Of Life David Penson and Christian Nelson Ch 3. Pathophysiology Of Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy Kevin McVary and Carol Podlasek Ch 4. Pathophysiology Of Erectile Dysfunction Following Radiation Therapy Victoria Croog and Michael Zelefsky Ch 5. Evolution Of Radical Prostatectomy As It Pertains To Nerve Sparing Ofer Yossepowitch and James Eastham Ch 6. Laparascopic and Robotic Prostatectomy: Sexual Function Outcomes Bertrand Guillonneau and Karim Touijer Ch 7. The Development Of Erection Sparing Radiation Therapy. Fact Or Fiction? P. William McLaughlin and Gregory Merrick Ch 8. Neuromodulatory Drugs For The Radical Prostatectomy Patient Arthur Burnett Ch 9. Intra-Operative Maneuvers To Minimize Post-Operative Erectile Dysfunction Joseph Pettus and Farhang Rabbani Ch 10. Pharmacologic Penile Preservation and Rehabilitation Alexander Mueller MD and John P. Mulhall Ch 11. Impact Of Androgen Deprivation On Male Sexual Function Ricardo Munarriz and Abdul Traish Ch 12. The Utility Of Pde5 Inhibitors After Radical Prostatectomy Andrea Salonia, Alberto Briganti, Andrea Gallina, and Francesco Montorsi Ch 13. Injectable Therapies After Prostate Cancer Therapy Andrew McCullough Ch 14. Non-Pharmacologic ED Treatments After Prostate Cancer Therapy Brian Lane and Karl Montague Ch 15. Androgen Supplementation In The Prostate Cancer Patient Abe Morgentaler Ch 16. Future Therapies Applicable To Post-Radical Pelvic Surgery Patients Tom Lue and Anthony J. Bella

First of its kind book that addresses prostate cancer therapy’s effects in quality of life, sexual function and self esteem

Presents an exhaustive review of the incidence, pathophysiology and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men following prostatectomy and radiation

Expert commentary on a range of prostate cancer therapies, including a look at future novel strategies to aid in the minimization of erectile dysfunction

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