Selling: building partnerships with act! express cd (6th ed )

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Selling: Building Partnerships, 6/e, by Weitz, Castleberry, and Tanner is the first text to integrate the partnerships/relationship theme in the selling course. It presents selling theories and skills and encourages the students to practice applying them. Students will be presented with situations that occur in the field. This content will dovetail nicely into the training they receive from companies they go to work for.
Part One: The Field of Selling
1: Selling and Salespeople
2: Building Partnering Relationships

Part Two: Knowledge and Skill Requirements
3: Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling
4: Buying Behavior and the Buying Process
5: Using Communication Principles to Build Relationships
6: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

Part Three: The Partnership Process
7: Prospecting
8: Planning the Sales Call
9: Making the Sales Call
10: Strengthening the Presentation
11: Responding to Objections
12: Obtaining Commitment
13: Formal Negotiation
14: After the Sale: Building Long-Term Partnerships

Part Four: The Salesperson as Professional
15: Managing Your Time and Territory
16: Managing Within Your Company
17: Managing Your Career