Schaum's outline of physical science, 2nd ed 1988

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Schaum's outline of physical science, 2nd ed 1988

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Physical Quantities. Motion in a Straight Line. The Laws of Motion. Circular Motion and Gravitation. Energy. Momentum. Relativity. Fluids. Heat. Kinetic Theory of Matter. Thermodynamics. Electricity. Electric Current. Magnetism. Electromagnetic Induction. Waves. Lenses. Quantum Physics. The Nucleus. Radioactivity and Elementary Particles. Theory of the Atom. The Periodic Law. Molecules and Solids. Formulas and Equations. Stoichiometry. Gas Stoichiometry. Solutions. Acids and Bases. Oxidation and Reduction. Electrochemistry. Chemical Energy. Reaction Rates and Equilibrium. Organic Chemistry. The Atmosphere. Weather. The Oceans. Earth Materials. Erosion and Sedimentation. Vulcanism and Diastrophism. The Earth's Interior. Continental Drift. Earth History. Earth and Sky. The Solar System. The Sun. The Stars. The Universe.