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Sailboat diesel maintenance

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Sailboat diesel maintenance
This densely illustrated, hands-on guide to diesel engine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair renders its subject more user-friendly than ever before. Finally, boatowners who grew up with gas engines can set aside their fears about tinkering with diesels, which are safer and increasingly more prevalent. As in other volumes in the International Marine Sailboat Library, every step of every procedure is illustrated, so that users can work from the illustrations alone. The troubleshooting charts in the second chapter--probably the most comprehensive ever published--are followed by system-specific chapters, allowing readers to quickly diagnose problems, then turn to the chapter with solutions. Diesel engine systems covered include: mechanical, oil, fresh- and raw-water cooling, low- and high-pressure fuel, exhaust, starting, charging, transmission and stern gear.
Acknowledgements Introduction Maintaining Your Diesel Good Operating Procedures Routine Maintenance Surveying the Engine The Initial Inspection The Startup The Sea Trial Preventing Corrosion Laying Up or "Winterizing" a Diesel Troubleshooting Marine Diesels Main Menu Check Crankshaft Turns Freely Performance Problems Oil Problems Excessive Exhaust Smoke Temperature Problems Noise and Vibration Problems Starting System Problems Charging System Problems Turbocharger Problems Fuel System Functional Check Engine Fails to Stop The Mechanical System Engine Block Cylinder Head Crankshaft Timing Gears Valves Pistons and Cylinders Engine Mounts Engine Alignment Table of Mechanical System Faults The Lubrication System Oil Oil Pump Oil Pressure - Regulating Valve Oil Filter Priming the Oil System Oil Contamination Table of Lubrication System Faults The Raw-Water Circuit Raw-Water Strainer Raw-Water Pump Reconditioning a Raw-Water Pump Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers Sacrificial Anodes, or "Zincs" Antisiphon Valves Raw-Water Hoses Hose Clamps Raw-Water Thermostats Table of Raw-Water Circuit Faults The Coolant Circuit Coolant Header Tank Thermostat Circulating Pump V-Belt Coolant-Circuit Hoses Table of Coolant Circuit Faults The Fuel System Fuel Fuel Tanks Primary Filter Fuel Lift Pump Secondary Fuel Filter Governor Injector Pump Cold-Starting Aids Fuel Injectors Air in the Fuel System Table of Fuel System Faults The Intake and Exhaust System Air-Intake Filter Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Injection Elbow Exhaust Hose Mufflers and Lift Boxes Exhaust Backpressure Turbochargers Intercoolers Table of Intake and Exhaust System Faults The Electrical System Batteries Battery Switches Alternator Starter Motor Typical Engine-Installation Circuit Diagram Table of Electrical System Faults Controls and Instruments Throttle Controls Gear-Selector Controls Engine-Stop Controls Control Cables Tachometers Engine-Panel Gauges Warning Circuits Table of Control and Instrument Faults Appendix: Diesel Engine Toolkit Index Copyright Information About the Author

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