Russian politics

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1. The Soviet System.

Development and Totalitarianism.

Stalin's Dictatorship and Legacy.

The Rise and Fall of Khrushchev.

The Post-Stalin Political Settlement.

Stagnation under Brezhnev.

The Andropov and Chernenko Interludes.

2. The Beginning of Reform.

Turnover of Political Elites.

Perestroika and Glasnost.

The New Political Thinking.

Three Turning Points.

3. Perestroika on Trial.

Economic Reform.

The Yeltsin Affair and the Issue of Stalinism.

The XIX CPSU Conference and Its Aftermath.

Glasnost and the Nationalities.

The Congress of People's Deputies.

The Coercive Instrumentalities.

4. Dissolution of the U.S.S.R.

The XXVIII CPSU Congress.

Between Scylla and Charybdis.

Resurgence of the Right.

Toward a Less Perfect Union?

The Coup.

After the Coup.

5. Russia's Politics: The Struggle for Reform.

Yeltsin versus Parliament.

The April Referendum.

The Constitutional Assembly.

The Collapse of Constitutional Order.

The December Elections.

The Russian Constitution.

Cohabitation Russian Style.

Chechnya and the Renewal of Crisis.

6. Commonwealth of Independent States.

Economic Chaos.

Military Fragmentation.

The Black Sea Fleet and the Crimea.


Institutional Developments.


7. Russia's Foreign Policy.

Relations with the West.

Russia and NATO.

The Yugoslav Crisis.

Relations with the Former Soviet Republics.

Chechnya and the Crisis with the West.

8. The Prospects for Democracy.

Russia's Political Culture.