Rudolph's fundamentals of pediatrics (3rd ed )

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Features Include: The normal function and developmental biology of organ systems
- Symptom-based diagnostic approaches for common disorders
- Effective, easy-to-use algorithms throughout to guide diagnoses
- The latest emergency and critical care management guidelines
- A family-centered approach to caring for terminally ill children and their families
- How to effectively care for children with chronic disabilities
- Expanded coverage of genetics
- What you should know about managing neonatal disorders
- New advances in orthopedics and sports medicine
- A full-color insert of childhood skin conditions, and much more Including:
- New sections, new chapters inform on the hottest topics in the field!
- Emergency and critical care - easy-to-use section guides your management of the acutely ill infant and child
- Contemporary diagnostic techniques - provides simple, clear explanations of the new generation of laboratory tests that are more frequently used to guide clinical diagnosis
- Care of the terminally ill child - presents a family-centered approach for care near the end of life
- Rehabilitative medicine - offers guidance on caring for the increasing numbers of children with chronic disabilities Delivers MORE of what you really need to know!
- MORE on genetics, with separate chapters focused on metabolic disorders and dysmorphology
- MORE on rheumatic disease in children and adolescents, including the critical evaluation of musculoskeletal pain and pain syndromes
- MORE on managing neonatal disorders
- MORE algorithmic approaches to common pediatric symptoms, with guidelines for initial management
- MORE information on support groups and other resources - websites and email addresses provided throughout PLUS: Expanded coverage in rapidly advancing areas of pediatric medicine!
- Neonatology
- Immunology and allergy
- Infectious diseases
- Orthopedics, including sports medicine
- Endocrinology
1.Pediatric Health Supervision 2.Adolescence 3.Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics 4.The Perinatal Period 5.An Approach to Clinical Genetics 6.A Clinical Approach to Inborn Errors of Metabolism 7. Immunologic Disorders 8.Rheumatic Diseases 9.Infectious Diseases 10.Injuries & Emergencies 11.Skin 12.The Gastrointestinal Tract & Liver 13.Hematology 14.Cancer in Children 15.Kidneys & Electrolytes 16.Circulation 17.Respiratory Diseases 18.Allergy 19.Endocrinology 20.The Nervous System 21.Ophthalmology 22.Orthopedic Problems in Children 23.Ethical Issues in Pediatrics Index