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Rheology : proceedings of the international congress on rheology, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1980 Volume 1: Principles

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Rheology : proceedings of the international congress on rheology
At the VIIth International Congress on Rheology, which was held in Goteborg in 1976, Proceedings were for the first time printed in advance and distributed to all participants at the time of the Congress. Although of course we Italians would be foolish to even try to emulate our Swedish friends as far as efficiency of organization is concerned, we decided at the very beginning that, as far as the Proceedings were concerned, the VIIIth International Congress on Rheology in Naples would follow the standards of time­ liness set by the Swedish Society of Rheology. This book is the result we have obtained. We wish to acknowledge the cooperation of Plenum Press in producing it within the very tight time schedule available. Every four years, the International Congress on Rheology represents the focal point where all rheologists meet, and the state of the art is brought up to date for everybody interested; the Proceedings represent the written record of these milestones of scientific progress in rheology. We have tried to make use of the traditions of having invited lectures, and of leaving to the organizing committee the freedom to choose the lecturers as they see fit, in order to collect a group of invited lectures which gives as broad as possible a landscape of the state of the art in every relevant area of rheology. The seventeen invited lectures are collected in the first volume of the proceedings.
Invited Lectures.- PL Sketch for a History of Constitutive Relations.- IL 1.1 Biorheology.- IL 1.2 Anomalous Extensional Flow Effects in the Use of Commercial Viscometers.- IL 2.1 The Role of Rheology in Polymer Processing.- IL 2.2 Flow Birefringence in Polymer Rheometry.- IL 2.3° Viscoelasticity of Composite Materials.- IL 3.1° Molecular Models for the Rheology of Entangled Polymers.- IL 3.2 Perspectives on Kinetic Theories of Polymer Solutions and Their Use in Rheology.- IL 4.1 Rheology and Rheo-Optics of Polymer Liquid Crystals.- IL 4.2 Rheology of Suspensions.- IL 4.3° On Theories of Melt Fracture.- IL 5.1 Uniform Elongational Flow of Molten Polymers.- IL 5.2 Separation of Shear Thinning and Elastic Effects in Experimental Rheology.- IL 5.3 Chemical Engineering Problems in Rheologically Complex Fluids.- IL 6.1 The Glass Transition of Amorphous Polymers and the Free Volume.- IL 6.2 Survey of Measuring Techniques for the Determination of the Dynamic Moduli.- IL 7.1 Thermal Effects in Polymer Flow.- Theory.- TH 1.1° On the Optimal Control of Steady Rigid-Viscoplastic Flows with Friction Boundary Conditions.- TH 1.2 A Theory of the Effects of Pressure on Finite Elastic Shear.- TH 1.3° Computation of Large Strains in the Stimulation of Memory Fluids.- TH 1.4 Flow of a Polymerizing Fluid between Two Rotating Concentric Cylinders.- TH 1.5 Heat Transfer in Wedge-Flow of a Micropolar Fluid.- TH 1.6 Stretching the Jeffreys Liquid: Stressing, Creep and Recovery.- TH 1.7° Molecular Theory of Lamellarly Structured Fluids.- TH 2.1 Micromolecules in Nonhomogeneous Velocity Gradient Fields: Rheological and Diffusion Phenomena.- TH 2.2 Macromolecular Modeling: Numerical Calculations.- TH 2.3 Mechanochemical Degradation of Macro Molecules during Laminar Flow.- TH 2.4 Calculations on the Doi-Edwards Model for Concentrated Polymer Systems.- TH 2.5 Interpretation of the Stress Relaxation Behavior of Plasticized PVC Using a Cooperative Model.- TH 2.6 Numerical Calculation of Relaxation Distributors.- TH 2.7° Topological Aspects of Flow and Deformation in Polymer Composites.- TH 3.1 A Continuum-Discrete Mechanical Model of Two-Phase Mixture Viscoelasticity.- TH 3.2 On some Global Identification Problems in the Rheology of Solids.- TH 3.3 A Macroscopic Theory of Elastic Anisotropic Dieletrics.- TH 3.4 Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Anelastic Materials.- TH 3.5° On Thermal Effects in Viscoelastic Fluids with Microstructure.- TH 3.6° A Viscometric Investigation of the Polymerization of Lactams.- TH 3.7° Variational Investigation of Material Stability Applied to Nonlinear Viscoelastic Substances.- Author Index.

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