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Research in Information Systems A Handbook for Research Supervisors and their Students

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Avison David, Pries-Heje Jan

Research in Information Systems helps supervisors and their students get the most out of the PhD experience. It can be used as a basis of courses for supervisors and their research students.

This book covers: • The supervisor - student relationship • Practical, social and academic issues • Different models for PhD programs, including US, UK, Latin and Scandinavian models

Many vignettes of personal experiences and reflections provide context for the material. The book is written by experts - leading international academics in the field of information systems. They all have had wide experience of research supervision over many years in many countries.

  • The only handbook available specifically for Information Systems, and written for both research supervisors and their students
  • Content agreed and approved by an international panel of experts, ensuring worldwide relevance
  • Includes real life anecdotes to educate, entertain, and contextualise

Part I Reflections Chapter 1 - Advising and supervising Chapter 2 - Confessions and reflections

Part II The supervisor/student relationship Chapter 3 - Metaphors for PhD study Chapter 4 - Focus on the supervisor Chapter 5 - Focus on the student

Part III Social and practical issues Chapter 6 - Serving two masters Chapter 7 - Finance Chapter 8 - Ethical issues Chapter 9 - Gender issues Chapter 10 Sexual orientation Chapter 11 - Diverse cultures

Part IV Academic issues Chapter 12 - Discipline of information systems Chapter 13 - Quality and originality Chapter 14 - Quantitative research Chapter 15 - Qualitative research

Part V PhD models Chapter 16 - US model Chapter 17 - UK Model Chapter 18 - Latin model Chapter 19 - Scandinavian model

Academics supervising research students in information systems and business information systems and PhD research students in IS
David Avison is Professor of Information Systems at ESSEC Business School, Paris, France after being Professor at the School of Management at Southampton University for nine years. He is also visiting professor at University Technology, Sydney, Australia and Brunel University in England. So far, he has published over twenty books as well as a large number of papers in learned journals, edited texts and conference papers. He is Chair of the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) 8.2 group on the impact of IS/IT on organisations and society and was past President of the UK Academy for Information Systems and also UK Professors and Heads of IS. He will be joint programme chair of the International Conference in Information Systems in Las Vegas in 2005 and has been chair of several other international conferences. He also acts as consultant and has most recently worked with a leading manufacturer developing their IT/IS strategy. He researches on information systems in their natural setting, in particular using action research.
Jan Pries-Heje is Associate Professor at The IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2002 he has also been part-time full professor in software engineering and management at the IT University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Jan Pries-Heje holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is certified ISO 9000 auditor and BOOTSTRAP assessor, and has been project manager for a number of Multi Media and IT-related change projects. He worked as a Consultant 1997-2000 in IT quality and software process improvement. He is Chairman of the Information Systems Research in Scandinavia (IRIS) Steering Committee. He is the Danish National Representative to IFIP Technical Committee 8 (TC8) on Information Systems, and Secretary for TC8 since 1999. His research interests include information systems development, software engineering, and software process improvement. He focus on organisational and managerial issues. He h

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