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Representation theory and complex geometry (series: modern birkhäuser classics), 1st ed. 1997. 2nd printing 2009 Modern Birkhäuser Classics Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Representation theory and complex geometry (series: modern birkhäuser classics)
This classic monograph provides an overview of modern advances in representation theory from a geometric standpoint. A geometrically-oriented treatment of the subject is very timely and has long been desired, especially since the discovery of D-modules in the early 1980s and the quiver approach to quantum groups in the early 1990s. The techniques developed are quite general and can be successfully applied to other areas such as quantum groups, affine Lie groups, and quantum field theory. The first half of the book fills the gap between the standard knowledge of a beginner in Lie theory and the much wider background needed by the working mathematician.
Preface.- Chapter 0. Introduction.- Chapter 1. Symplectic Geometry.- Chapter 2. Mosaic.- Chapter 3. Complex Semisimple Groups.- Chapter 4. Springer Theory.- Chapter 5. Equivariant K-Theory.- Chapter 6. Flag Varieties, K-Theory, and Harmonic Polynomials.- Chapter 7. Hecke Algebras and K-Theory.- Chapter 8. Representations of Convolution Algebras.- Bibliography.

An affordable softcover edition of a classic book

Introduces recent advancements in representation theory from a geometric standpoint

Key ideas accessible to nonspecialists

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Ouvrage de 508 p.

15.5x23.5 cm

Disponible chez l'éditeur (délai d'approvisionnement : 15 jours).

Prix indicatif 94,94 €

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