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Real estate principles: a value approach

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Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach by David Ling and Wayne Archer is an exciting new entry into the Principles of Real Estate market, presenting a strong focus on valuation. Value is central to virtually all real estate decision-making including whether and how to lease, buy, or mortgage a property acquisition, whether to renovate, refinance, demolish or expand a property, and when and how to divest (sell, trade, or abandon) a property. Ling and Archer's goal in the theme of this book is to direct students toward an oriented and focused view concerning real estate so that they have a better chance to ask the right questions and seek the right information when faced with the complexities of real world real estate decisions. Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach provides students and instructors with the most modern, engaging and attractive textbook available on the subject. It also offers the best website available, as well as strong in-text Internet content that helps readers use technology to enhance the learning experience.
Part 1: SETTING THE STAGE 1. The Nature of Real Estate and Real Estate Markets 2. Value and Real Estate Decisions 3. The Effects of Time and Risk on Value Part 2: SOURCES AND LIMITATIONS TO VALUE 4. Legal Foundations of Value 5. Market Determinants of Value 6. Government Controls and Real Estate Markets 7. Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value Part 3: MARKET VALUATION AND APPRAISAL 8. Valuation Using the Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches 9. Valuation Using the Income Approach Part 4: FINANCING REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP 10. Real Estate Finance Law: The Rules of the Mortgage Finance Game 11. Mortgage Mechanics and Calculations 12. Residential Mortgage Types and Borrower Decisions 13. Sources of Funds for Residential Mortgages 14. Commercial Mortgage Types and Decisions 15. Sources of Commercial Debt and Equity Capital Part 5: INVESTMENT VALUATION 16. Valuing Investment Opportunities 17. Enhancing Value through Ongoing Management Part 6: ACQUIRING AND DISPOSING OF OWNERSHIP INTERESTS 18. Conveying Real Property Interests 19. Real Estate Brokerage and Listing Contracts 20. Contracts for Sale and Closing Part 7: ADVANCED TOPICS 21. Leases and Property Types 22. Income Taxation and Value 23. Risk Management in a Portfolio Context 24. Development: The Dynamics of Creating Value

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