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Radio programming : tactics and strategy (paper)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Radio programming : tactics and strategy (paper)
A practical handbook for programming directors, this guide focuses on achieving specific objectives in today's modern, competitive environment. Radio Programming is designed to convey underlying principles and to assist the programmer in accomplishing specific objectives, without mandating exact implementation methods. Instead, it empowers station management and the PD to implement strategies that will work for the particular format and market niche. Radio Programming will be helpful for neophytes in programming, experienced programmers seeking further growth, air talent seeking to develop skills, and general managers trying to understand programming and effectively manage program directors without stifling creativity. It will also help general managers hire effective programmers. Eric Norberg is the editor and publisher of the Adult Contemporary Music Research Letter and a radio consultant. He has worked as a program director at several radio stations, as on-air talent and general manager, and has also operated a radio production company. For fourteen years he has written a weekly column on radio programming for The Gavin Report, a radio trade publication.
Preface: The Philosophical Underpinning of Winning * The Basic Principles of Radio Programming * Structuring Your Station and Creating Identity * Positioning Your Station Against the Competition * Leading and Airstaff * Music as a Programming Weapon * News as a Programming Weapon * Promoting Your Station * Grading Your Programming Performance: What You Need to Know About the Ratings * Interfacing With Your General Manager * Interfacing With Sales * Interfacing With Engineering * The F.C.C. and You * Advancing Your Career Goals * Afterword
Program directors: experienced, neophyte, and futureAir personalitiesGeneral managersBroadcast news personnelBroadcast sales executives
'Eric Norberg is one of the most intellectual radio programmers of the last 25 years. His knowledge and experience provide good tools for anyone who has radio programming ambitions', Paul Drew, Media/Broadcasting Consultant

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