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Racial and ethnic relations (7th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Racial and ethnic relations (7th ed )
For courses in Majority-Minority Relations, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity, and Multiculturalism in departments of Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Political Science, and Education. A theoretically informed and empirical exploration of the diversity, depth, and significance of racial and ethnic relations in the U.S., this text is organized by racial-ethnic groups rather than by issues. Drawing heavily on a broad range of research sources that dig deep into the what, why, and how of racial and ethnic oppression and conflict it examines 15 major racial and ethnic groups with regard to their incorporation, economic circumstances, political development, and experience with exploitation with special reference to the assimilation and power conflict (theoretical) perspectives.
(NOTE: All chapters conclude with a Summary.) I. THE RACIAL AND ETHNIC MOSAIC. 1. Basic Concepts in the Study of Racial and Ethnic Relations. Issues of Race and Racism. Ethnic Groups. The Matter of Culture. Prejudice and Stereotypes. Discrimination. 2. Adaptation and Conflict: Racial and Ethnic Relations in Theoretical Perspective. Racial and Ethnic Hierarchies. Some Basic Questions. Patterns of Racial and Ethnic Adaptation. Assimilation and Other Order Perspectives. Power-Conflict Theories. II. A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS: AN OVERVIEW OF THE ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CONDITIONS OF SELECTED RACIAL AND ETHNIC GROUPS. Immigration, the Economy, and Government. Commercial Capitalism and the Slave Society: 1607-1865. Industrial Capitalism: 1865-1920. Advanced Industrial (Multinational) Capitalism: 19102-2000s. 3. English Americans and the Anglo-Protestant Culture. The English Migrations. Nativist Reactions to Later European Immigrants. The Dominant Culture and Major U.S. Institutions. English Americans Today. 4. Irish and Italian Americans. Irish Americans. Irish Immigration: An Overview. Stereotypes. Protest and Conflict. Politics and Political Institutions. The Only Irish Catholic President. The Irish in the Economy. Education. Religion. Assimilation Theories and the Irish. Italian Americans. Italian Immigration. Stereotypes. Conflict. Politics. Education. Religion. Assimilation or Ethnogenesis?. A Note on Ethnic Diversity among White Americans. 5. Jewish Americans. Migration. Prejudice and Stereotypes. Oppression and Conflict. Politics. The Economy. Education. Religion and Zionism. Assimilation or Pluralism? 6. Native Americans. Conquest by Europeans and European Americans. Racist Images and Stereotypes. Politics. Protest and Conflict. The Economy. Education. Religion. Assimilation and Colonialism. 7. African Americans. Forced Migration and Slavery. Racist Ideologies and Stereotypes. Interracial Conflict. The Economy. Politics and Protest. Education. Religion and Culture. Recent Immigrants. Assimilation for African Americans? 8. Mexican Americans. The Conquest Period, 1500-1853. Past and Present Immigration. Stereotypes and Related Images. Conflict and Protest. The Economy. Politics and Protest. Education. Religion. Assimilation or Colonialism? 9. Puerto Rican and Cuban Americans. Puerto Rican Americans. From Spanish to U.S. Rule. Migration to the Mainland. Prejudice and Stereotypes. Economic and Related Conditions: The Mainland. Education. Politics. Protest. Religion. Assimilation or Colonialism? Cuban Americans. Patterns of Immigration. Intergroup Conflict. Stereotypes and Discrimination. The Economic Situation. Politics. Assimilation or Colonialism? 10. Japanese Americans. The Growth of the Asian-Pacific Population. Introduction: Japanese Americans. Migration: An Overview. Stereotypes. Repression and Violent Attacks. The Political Arena. The Economy. Education. Religion. Assimilation Perspectives. 11. Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, and Asian-Indian Americans. Migration: An Overview. Stereotypes. Hate Crimes and Other Ethnoviolence. Organizing and Activism in the Political Arena. The Economy. Full Assimilation for Asian Americans? 12. Arab Americans. Migration. Stereotyping and Prejudice. Oppression, Discrimination, and Conflict. Politics and Political Emergence. The Economy. Education. Religion. Adaptation and Assimilation Issues. 13. The Future of Racial and Ethnic Relations in the United States. Introduction. A Nation of Immigrants. The Melting Pot: Early Images of Immigrant Incorporation. Multicultural and Multiracial Democracy Issues. Equality and a Pluralistic Democracy. Conclusion: An Increasingly Balkanized Nation? 14. Colonialism and Post-Colonialism: The Global Expansion of Racism. Colonialism and Racism. The History and Legacy of Colonialism. To Whom Does Southern Africa Belong? Brazil: The Legacy of Slavery and the Illusion of Equality. Colonialism and Colonizer in France: The Violence of Exclusion. The Future of Colonialism and Post-Colonialism. Glossary.Notes.Index.

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