QBasic for students (paper)

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Designed for a first course in programming, this text gives thorough, comprehensive coverage of QBASIC programming concepts with a problem-solving approach. Includes a large selection of sample programs and problems with a wide range of type and level, enables instructors to tailor assignments. Teaches good programming practices, provides a structured, 7-step procedure, and gives students a framework for problem-solving.
CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to Personal Computers and QBASIC CHAPTER 2: Structured Programming and QBASIC CHAPTER 3: Strings, Input, and Printing CHAPTER 4: Repetition CHAPTER 5: Decision CHAPTER 6: Procedures CHAPTER 7: For...Next Loops and QBASIC Functions CHAPTER 8: Arrays CHAPTER 9: Sequential Files CHAPTER 10: Random Files CHAPTER 11: Drawing Points, Lines, and Circles CHAPTER 12: Graphs, Charts, and Animation INDEX