Psychology: the science of mind and behavior with in-psych cd (3rd ed )

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This textbook reflects its authors' experiences both as faculty members who have taught the introductory psychology course several dozen times, and, earlier, as students whose own interest in psychology was sparked by instructors who brought the introductory course to life. The text's flexible organizing framework ("Levels of Analysis"), depth of research, emphasis on critical thinking, and engaging writing help instructors convey the expanse and excitement of the field of psychology, while maintaining scientific rigor. The new third edition features a separate chapter on intelligence, chapter reorganizations, and updated research throughout.
1 The Science Of Psychology
2 Studying Behavior Scientifically
3 Biological Foundations of Behavior: Evolution, Genetics, and Brain
4 Sensation and Perception
5 States of Consciousness
6 Learning andAdaptation: The Role Of Experience
7 Memory
8 Language and Thinking
9 Intelligence
10 Motivation andEmotion
11 Development Over the Life Span
12 Personality
13 Adjusting To Life: Stress, Coping, andHealth
14 Psychological Disorders
15 Treatment of Psychological Disorders
16 Social Thinking and Behavior
Appendix: Statistics In Psychology