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Psychology of Personality, 3rd Edition Viewpoints, Research, and Applications

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Psychology of Personality
Psychology of Personality: Viewpoints, Research, and Applications introduces students to many important figures in the field, including Freud, Jung, Adler, Horney, Erikson, Maslow, Allport, Cattell, Bandura, Mischel, and others. The book not only covers classic issues and research in personality, but also looks at genetics and personality, neurological considerations in personality, the evolutionary perspective, the Big Five model of personality, and other contemporary issues.

The 3rd Edition reflects significant changes in the field but retains much of the information and special features that made it a textbook from which instructors found it easy to teach and students found it easy to learn.

Part I: The Scope and Methods of Personality Psychology: An Introduction to the Psychology of Personality

Chapter 1: The Psychology of Personality: An Overview

Chapter 2: Personality Assessment: An Introduction to the Measurement of Personality

Part II: The Intrapsychic Viewpoints: The Expression of Personality as Dynamic Processes

Chapter 3: The Psychodynamic Viewpoint: Forging Personality Out of Conflict Resolution

Chapter 4: The Direct Reactions to the Psychodynamic Viewpoint: Classic Responses and Contemporary Considerations

Chapter 5: Extending the Reactions to the Psychodynamic Viewpoint: Contemporary Responses and Considerations

Part III: The Trait Viewpoints: The Psychological Units and Underlying Structure of Personality

Chapter 6: The Trait Viewpoint: Psychological Dispositions of Personality

Chapter 7: The Elaboration of the Trait Viewpoint: Clarifications and Extensions

Chapter 8: The Trait–Structure Viewpoint: The Five–Factor Model

Part IV: The Biological Viewpoints: The Biological Process of Personality

Chapter 9: The Behavioral Genetics Viewpoint: The Basic Biological Unit of Personality

Chapter 10: The Psychophysiological Viewpoint: Neurological and Cortical Considerations in the Study of Personality

Chapter 11: The Evolutionary Viewpoint: Personality as an Adaptive Process

Part V: The Cognitive/Intrapersonal Viewpoints: Selected Expressions of Personality Processes

Chapter 12: The Cognitive Viewpoint: Cognitive Processes and Personality

Chapter 13: Viewpoints on the Self–Concept: The Core Process of Personality

Chapter 14: Viewpoints on Gender and Personality: A Special Topic in the Study of the Self Revision

Chapter 15: Viewpoints on Anxiety and Subjective Well–Being: Two Pervasive Personality Process

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