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Programming in Ada 2012

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Programming in Ada 2012
Ada is the language of choice for the majority of programmers involved in writing safety-critical and high-integrity software. Previous editions of John Barnes' books established themselves as the definitive references for earlier versions of Ada. With the release of the latest ISO standard, Ada 2012, this new book will become recognised as the go-to resource for those wishing to learn the language or to program in it.
Foreword, Preface, Part I. An Overview: 1. Introduction, 2. Simple concepts, 3. Abstraction, 4. Programs and libraries, Program 1. Magic moments, Part II. Algorithmic Aspects: 5. Lexical style, 6. Scalar types, 7. Control structures, 8. Arrays and records, 9. Expression structures, 10. Subprograms, 11. Access types, Program 2. Sylvan sorter, Part III. The Big Picture: 12. Packages and private types, 13. Overall structure, Program 3. Rational reckoner, 14. Object oriented programming, 15. Exceptions, 16. Contracts, 17. Numeric types, 18. Parameterized types, 19. Generics, 20. Tasking, 21. Object oriented techniques, 22. Tasking techniques, Program 4. Super sieve, Part IV. Completing the Story: 23. Predefined library, Program 5. Wild words, 24. Container library, 25. Interfacing, Program 6. Playing pools, 26. The specialized annexes, 27. Finale, Appendix A. Reserved words, etc., Appendix B. Glossary, Appendix C. Syntax, Answers to exercises, Bibliography, Index.
John Barnes is a software engineer and he was a member of the original Ada design team. Since then he has published more than ten books, numerous papers, and given lectures on Ada and related topics around the world.

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