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Process Management for the Extended Enterprise, 2004 Organizational and ICT Networks

Langue : Anglais

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Préfacier : Kanter R.M.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Process Management for the Extended Enterprise

Process Management, with its key concepts of internal customer and process ownership, is becoming one of the most important competitive weapons for firms and can determine a strategic change in the way business is carried out (Business Process Reengineering - B.P.R.). In this context, the flow of information increases, passes through the internal departments, to then extend beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise and form operational and knowledge networks with other business units, selected suppliers and clients, etc. These (internal and external) networks harness the great power offered by Web technologies (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) and create the Extended Enterprise.

This book explores innovative themes that will trace the business paths for many firms in the near future. It is based on research and experience in several major companies, in particular the Snaidero Group (Europe?s leading company in the kitchen sector), with contributions by leading Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) companies.

One: Principles and Methods.- 1. Fundamentals of Process Management and Business Process Reengineering.- 1.1 Process Management at the Origin of Customer Satisfaction.- 1.2 The Basic Concepts of “Internal Supplier / Customer” and “Process Ownership”.- 1.3 Importance of Objectives and Consequences on Performance Measurement.- 1.4 From Process Management to Business Process Reengineering.- 1.5 Process Management and ISO 9000:2000 Quality Standards.- 2. Methodology for Process Management Design & Implementation.- 2.1 Content and Deployment of the Methodology.- 2.2 The Main Processes in a Company.- 2.3 Process Management and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).- 2.4 Techniques and Software Packages for Process Data Management & Representation.- 3. Knowledge Management in Enterprise Networks.- 3.1 Foundations of Knowledge Management.- 3.2 Knowledge, Competencies and Process Management.- 3.3 Process Management and Enterprise Networks: The Extended Management of Knowledge.- 3.4 Organizational and ICT Networks: The Extended Enterprise.- Two: The BPR Project and the Processes.- 4 The Business Process Reengineering Project: A Successful Case Study.- 4.1 A Product-Oriented Company Opts to Become Customer-Oriented.- 4.2 Basic Principles of the Reorganisation Carried out in Snaidero R. S.p.A.- 4.3 New Methods and Tools Supporting the Customer-Oriented Company.- 4.4 BPR Project Phases in Snaidero R. S.p.A.- 4.5 Main Difficulties and Immediate BPR Benefits.- 5. The Business Development and Sales-Service Processes.- 5.1 Business Development.- 5.2 Marketing Strategy and Product Portfolio Definition.- 5.3 Product Input/Output Impact Evaluation.- 5.4 Design & New Product Development.- 5.5 Sales and Service.- 6. The Supply Chain Processes.- 6.1 Supply Chain.- 6.2 Logistics.- 6.3 Relationships with Suppliers.- 6.4 Manufacturing.- 6.5 Quality.- 6.6 Plants & Safety and Technology & Investments.- 7. The Directive and Support Processes.- 7.1 Strategic Planning.- 7.2 Human Resources Management.- 7.3 Budgeting & Control.- Three: From Processes to the Extended Enterprise.- 8. The Knowledge Extended Enterprise: An Innovative Business Model Suggested by Snaidero.- 8.1 An Evolving Business: The Process-Based Company Becomes a Knowledge Extended Enterprise.- 8.2 The Knowledge Extended Enterprise: Main Features and Comparisons.- 8.3 The Collaboration Platform: Its Target Addressees and Main Benefits.- 9. The Web-Based Collaboration Platform: Implementation Phases, Tools and Architecture.- 9.1 Basic Principles for Implementing the Collaboration Platform.- 9.2 Why Not Just One Project Partner?.- 9.3 The Project Phases.- 9.4 Development and Implementation of the Company’s Toolbox and Software Architecture.- 10. The Management Intelligence Methodology: From Process and Capabilities Redesign to the Development of Knowledge Management.- 10.1 SDG Consulting.- 10.2 Management Intelligence and the Extended Enterprise.- 10.3 The “Adapt — Case” Approach.- 10.4 The Creation of Value in BPR Projects.- 10.5 Snaidero Case: SDG’s Contribution to the Creation of KPI’s and the Knowledge-Based Extended Enterprise Through Web-Intelligence.- 11. The Extended Supply Chain: Enabler of Business Drives.- 11.1 Evolution Scenario of the Supply Chain.- 11.2 TXT E-Solutions.- 11.3 The Supply Chain in the Extended Enterprise.- 11.4 The Extended Supply Chain of Snaidero.- 12. Infrastructures and Web-Based Business Applications for an Integrated Supply Chain.- 12.1 Company Profile of Oracle Corporation.- 12.2 From Integrated Logistics to the Supply Chain.- 12.3 Unity of the Information.- 12.4 Orientation to the Processes.- 12.5 Technological Prospects for the Extended Enterprise.- Bibliography and Web Sites.

A complete, rigorous and friendly text with many guidelines and case studies.

Integrates an organizational view (process management, business process reengineering) with a network managerial approach supported by web technologies, applying them to traditional businesses (not dot-coms).

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