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Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-centric Computing 2011 and Embedded and Multimedia Computing 2011, 2011 HumanCom & EMC 2011 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Series, Vol. 102

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Park James J., Jin Hai, Liao Xiaofei, Zheng Ran

Couverture de l’ouvrage Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-centric Computing 2011 and Embedded and Multimedia Computing 2011

Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-centric Computing and Embedded and Multimedia Computing (HumanCom &

Keynote Speech.

Graph-based Structure Search; X.Lin. Location Significance Ranking from Quality Enhanced Trajectory Data; X.Zhou. Ubiquitous Neural Interface; B.Hu.

HumanCom 2011.

Session 1: Computer-assisted Learning, Cognition and Semantic Systems. Dynamic Recommendation in Collaborative Filtering Systems: A PSO Based Framework; J.Yao, B.Li. Automatic Chinese Topic Term Spelling Correction in Online Pinyin Input; S.Sha, et al. An Ontology-Based Approach for Semantic Web Service Searching; S.Shen , et al. Applying Data Visualization to Improve the e-Health Decision Making; Md.A.Rahman, S.Komiak. A Psychological Decision Making Model Based Personal Fashion Style Recommendation System; J.Li, et al. A multi-modal augmented reality based virtual assembly system; C.Wu, H.Wang. A Novel Memory-based Storage Optimization Approach for RDF Data Supporting SPARQL Query; F.Zhao, et al. An Extended Supervised Term Weighting Method for Text Categorization; B.Wei, et al.

Session 2: Human-computer Interaction and Social Computing. Building Ontology for Mashup Services Based on Wikipedia; K.Xiao, B.Li. A Hybrid Model for Simulating Human Crowd; M.Xiong, et al. Automatic Inference of Interaction Occasion in Multiparty Meetings: Spontaneous or Reactive; Z.Yu, X.Zhou. Managing Interactions in the Collaborative 3D DocuSpace for Enterprise Applications; T.Sun, et al. Dempster-Shafer Theory Based Consensus Building in Collaborative Conceptual Modeling; L.Jia, et al.

Session 3: Network or distributed algorithms, applications. Research Application of the Internet of Things Monitor Platform in Meat Processing Industry; T.Hu, et al. S-Rsync: An Efficient Differencing Algorithm With Locally Chunk Digests Generating For File Synchronization Services; H.Zhang, et al. VESS: An Unstructured Data-Oriented Storage System for Multi-Disciplined Virtual Experiment Platform; W.Jiang, et al. PKLIVE: A Peer-to-Peer Game Observing System; H.YAO, L.YU.

Session 4: Privacy, Security and trust management. Provably Secure Two-party Password-based Key Agreement Protocol; H.Zhou, et al. Subjective Logic based Trust Update for Wireless Sensor Networks; Y.Zhang, et al. A Detection Method for Replication Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks; C.-Y.Ku, et al. VIsolator: An Intel VMX-Based Isolation Mechanism; L.He, et al. Graph-Based Authorization Delegation Model; J.Lei, et al.

Session 5: Ubiquitous computing, mobile systems and applications. A Multiple Response Approach for Adaptive Learning Service with Context-Based Multimedia Contents; X.Zhao, et al. Enhancing the Experience and Efficiency at a Conference with Mobile Social Networking: Case Study with Find & Connect; L.Chang, et al. Tools for Ubiquitous PACS System; D.Dragan, D.Ivetic. Contact-based Congestion Avoidance Mechanism in Delay Tolerant Networks; C.Yu, et al.

Session 6Virtualization Technologies for Desktop Applications. Visualization of Knowledge Map: a Focus and Context Approach; J.Wang, et al. A Think on Security and Trusty Measurement for Virtualized Environment; X.Wang, et al.

EMC 2011

Session 1: Cyber-Physical Systems and Real-time systems. An Efficient Deadline and Period Assignment Scheme for Maintaining Temporal Consistency Under EDF; F.Zhu, et al. Scheduling Performance of Real-time Tasks on MapReduce Cluster; F.Teng, et al. An Efficient Metadata Management Method in Large Distributed Storage Systems; L.Ran, H.Jin. Study on Methods for Extracting Comprehensive Information Based on the Sequential Dynamic Weighted Fusion; B.Sun, et al.

Session 2: Distributed Multimedia Systems. A scalable multithreaded BGP architecture for next generation router; K.Wang, et al. Meta Level Component-Based Framework for Distributed Computing Systems; A.Shui-Yu Lai, A.Beaumont.

Session 3: Embedded Systems, Software and Applications. Design of Remote Engine Room Monitoring System Based on Niche Stack TCP/IP; S.Liu, et al. Design of an Efficient Low-Power Asynchronous Bus for Embedded System; G.Zhang, et al. Exploring Options for Modeling of Real-Time Network Communication in an Industrial Component Model for Distributed Embedded Systems; S.Mubeen, et al. A Low-Latency Virtual-Channel Router with Optimized Pipeline Stages for On-Chip Network; S.Ren, et al. Towards A Web Service Based HCI Migration Framework; Y.Shen, et al.

Session 4: Multimedia Computing & Intelligent Services. Fast Clustering of Radar Reflectivity Data on GPUs; W.Zhou, et al. A Compiler Framework for Translating Standard C into Optimized CUDA Code; Q.Zhu, et al. A Dynamic Balancing Algorithm for VOD Based on Cloud Computing; S.Chang, et al. High-quality Sound Device Virtualization in Xen Paravirtualized Environment; K.Hu, et al. Emotional Communication Efficacy, Group Cohesion, and Group performance; L.Dong, B.Shah.

PDC 2011

A Robust Audio Aggregation Watermark Based on Vector Quantization; J.Li, et al. A Service Giving a Case-based Instruction of Bioinformatics Workflow Running on High Performance Computer for Engineering Design and Education; F.Lu, et al. A Fast Broadcast Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks; Y.Zhang, Y.Wang. Survey of Load Balancing Strategies on Heterogeneous Parallel System; W.Wang, et al. Data Management and Application on CPSE-Bio; X.Cheng, et al.

ENC 2011

Implementation of SOAS for SDR processor; L.Yang, et al. Design of Greenhouse Monitoring System Based on ZigBee Technology; Yong Chen. Preheating Simulation of Power Battery; M.Li, et al. Intelligent Guide System Based on the Internet of Things; J.Jiao, H.Lin.

Human-centric computing is to create novel solutions so that the humans are always connected, portable, and available

HumanCom’s topics cover the current hot topics satisfying the world-wide ever-changing needs

Convergence topics on Human-Centric, Embedded, and Multimedia Computing

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