Principles of microeconomics (4th ed )

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The Sayre & Morris texts have been written for first-year economic principles courses offered in colleges and universities. In writing this text, the authors have focused on four guiding principles:

1. Achieve a well-written text by writing as clearly as possible, to avoid unnecessary jargon, to speak directly to the student, and avoid unnecessary abstraction and repetition.

2. Provide a focused emphasis on Student Learning. Students learn economics by doing economics. Review questions and self-test questions are positioned throughout each chapter to achieve this end along with a comprehensive and integrated student Study Guide.

3. Avoid an encyclopedic text by focusing on important material.

4. Provide a continuous learning package with the authors preparing the text, Study Guide, Instructor¿s Manual and Test Bank.

The authors have refined the coverage in many chapters with a view to increasing readability and student performance. Review exercises, found at the end of chapter sections, have been rewritten to focus on the core objectives. In addition, the integrated Study Guide has been reorganized into three major sections including a Review section, a Self-Review section, and sets of Parallel Problems.

1. The Economic Problem

2. Demand and Supply: An Introduction

Appendix to Chapter 2: The Algebra of Demand and Supply

3. Demand and Supply: An Elaboration

4. Elasticity

5. Consumer Demand

6. A Firm¿s Production and Costs in the Short Run

7. Costs in the Long Run

8. Perfect Competition

9. An Evaluation of Competitive Markets

10. Monopoly

11. Imperfect Competition

12. The Factors of Production

13. International Trade