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Precalculus: functions and graphs with smart cd-rom (windows) (5th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Precalculus: functions and graphs with smart cd-rom (windows) (5th ed )
The Barnett, Ziegler, Byleen College Algebra/Precalculus series is designed to be user friendly and to maximize student comprehension. The goal of this series is to emphasize computational skills, ideas, and problem solving rather than mathematical theory. Precalculus, 5/e, introduces a unit circle approach to trigonometry and can be used in one or two semester college algebra with trigonometry or precalculus courses. The large number of pedagogical devices employed in this text will guide a student through the course. Integrated throughout the text, the students and instructors will find Explore-Discuss boxes which encourage students to think critically about mathematical concepts. In each section, the worked examples are followed by matched problems that reinforce the concept that is being taught. In addition, the text contains an abundance of exercises and applications that will convince students that math is useful. A Smart CD is packaged with the seventh edition of the book. The CD tutorial reinforces important concepts, and provides students with extra practice problems.
1 Equations and Inequalities 1-1Linear Equations and Applications 1-2Systems of Linear Equations and Applications 1-3Linear Inequalities 1-4Absolute Value in Equations and Inequalities 1-5Complex Numbers 1-6Quadratic Equations and Applications 1-7Equations Reducible to Quadratic Form 1-8Polynomial and Rational Inequalities Chapter 1 Group Activity: Rates of Change Chapter 1 Review 2 Graphs and Functions 2-1Basic Tools: Circles 2-2Straight Lines 2-3Functions 2-4Graphing Functions 2-5Combining Functions 2-6Inverse Functions Chapter 2 Group Activity: Mathematical Modeling in Business Chapter 2 Review 1&2 Cumulative Review Exercise 3 Polynomials and Rational Functions 3-1Polynomial Functions and Graphs 3-2Finding Rational Zeros of Polynomials 3-3Approximating Real Zeros of Polynomials 3-4Rational Functions 3-5Partial Functions Chapter 3 Group Activity: Interpolating Polynomials Chapter 3 Review 4 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 4-1Exponential Functions 4-2The Exponential Function with Base e 4-3Logarithmic Functions 4-4Common and Natural Logarithmic Functions 4-5Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Chapter 4 Group Activity: Growth of Increasing Functions Chapter 4 Review 3&4 Cumulative Review Exercises 5 Trigonometric Functions 5-1The Wrapping Function 5-2Circular Functions 5-3Angles and Their Measure 5-4Trigonometric Functions 5-5Solving Right Triangles 5-6Graphing Basic Trigonometric Functions 5-7Graphing y = k+A sin (Bx+C) and y=k+A cos (Bx+C) 5-8Graphing More General Tangent, cotangent, Secant, and Cosec 5-9Inverse Trigonometric Functions Chapter 5 Group Activity: A predator - Prey Analysis - Mountain L Chapter 5 Review 6 Trigonometric Identities and Conditional Equations 6-1Basic Identifies and Their Use 6-2Sum, Difference, and Cofunction Identifies 6-3Double-Angle and Half-Angle Identifies 6-4Product-Sum and Sum-Product Identifies 6-5Trigonometric Equations Chapter 6 Group Activity: From M sin Bt + N cos Bt to A sin (Bt +C) Chapter 6 Review 7 Additional Topics in Trigonometry 7-1Law of Sines 7-2Law of Cosines 7-3Geometric Vectors 7-4Algebraic Vectors 7-5Polar Coordinates and Graphs 7-6Complex Numbers in Rectangular and Polar Forms 7-7De Moivre's Theorem Chapter 7 Group Activity: Conic Sections and Planetary Orbits Chapter 7 Review 5,6,&7 Cumulative Review Exercise 8 Systems of Equations and Inequalities 8-1Systems of Linear Equations and Augmented Matrices 8-2Gauss-Jordan Elimination 8-3Systems Involving Second-Degree Equations 8-4Systems of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 8-5Linear Programming Chapter 8 Group Activity: Modeling with Systems of Equations Chapter 8 Review 9 Matrices and Determinants 9-1Matrices: Basic Operations 9-2Inverse of a Square Matrix 9-3Matrix Equations and Systems of Linear Equations 9-4Determinants 9-5Properties of Determinants 9-6Cramer's Rule Chapter 9 Group Activity: Using Matrices to Find Cost, Revenue, and Profit Chapter 9 Review 8&9 Cumulative Review Exercise 10 Sequences and Series 10-1 Sequences and Series 10-2 Mathematical Induction 10-3 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences 10-4 Binomial Formula 10-5 Multiplication Principle, Permutations, and Combinations Chapter 10 Group Activity: Sequences Specified by Recursion Chapter 10 Review 11 Additional Topics in Analytic Geometry 11-1 Conic Sections, Parabola 11-2 Ellipse 11-3 Hyperbola 11-4 Translation of Axes 11-5 Parametric Equations Chapter 11 Group Activity: Focal Chords Chapter 11 Review 10&11 Cumulative Review Exercise Appendix ABasic Algebraic Operations A-1Algebra and Real Numbers A-2Polynomials: Basic Operations A-3Polynomials: Factoring A-4Rational Expressions: Basic Operations A-5Integer Exponents A-6Rational Exponents A-7Radicals Appendix A Group Activity: Rational Number Representations Appendix A Review Appendix BSignificant Digits Appendix CGeometric Formulas

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