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Power questions: build relationships, win new business, and influence others (hardback) Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Power questions: build relationships, win new business, and influence others (hardback)

Praise for Power Questions

"The greatest gift you can give someone is to ask what he or she thinks and truly listen to the answer. Sobel and Panas turn this powerful idea into practical, compelling advice by asking questions that reveal surprising, often life-changing answers."*Ralph W. Shrader, Chairman and CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton

"This book is amazing. It packs a wallop. It helps set your conversations on the right track and enhances your ability to listen. It gets you inside the mind and heart of a person. I strongly recommend it."*John Schlifske, Chairman and CEO, Northwestern Mutual

"Reading Power Questions is like listening in on the most amazing array of private conversations with CEOs, politicians, religious authorities, and entrepreneurs. A joyous read."*David Sable, Global CEO, Young & Rubicam

"In Power Questions, Andrew Sobel and Jerry Panas show how to drill deep in any situation by identifying the precise question that is begging to be asked. Read this remarkable book and keep it handy, because these questions have the power to enrich every segment of your life." *Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

"At the White House, I learned the art of answering questions, but all the time I thought to myself, the trick is to ask the right question. Andrew and Jerry nail that art. This book is indispensable for tapping the power of successful communication. A must-read!"*Mike McCurry, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton

"Power Questions is easy to pick up, but hard to put down. Andrew and Jerry give a veritable playbook for building stronger relationships. Whether you read it cover to cover or just open a page to prepare for a new meeting, it"s a valuable resource no matter where you are in your career."*Frank D"Souza, CEO, Cognizant

"Andrew Sobel and Jerry Panas have developed the thought-provoking thesis in their book of the importance of asking questions to tailor advice and build relationships. Their work is illustrated with plenty of examples*some humorous, others dramatically pertinent*and their premise becomes more convincing page by page."*Sir Winfried Bischoff, Chairman, Lloyds Banking Group

The Power Questions

1. Good Questions Trump Easy Answers

2. If You Don"t Want To Hit Bottom, Stop Digging The Hole

3. The Four Words

4. When The Sale Is Stuck

5. Mission Isn"t Important. It"s Everything

6. Get Out Of Your Cave

7. Begin At The Beginning

8. You Can Get What You Want if You Help People Get What They Want

9. You Can Overcome Anything If You Understand Why

10. In a Hushed Moment

11. Is This the Best You Can Do?

12. No Gorilla Dust

13. Don"t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams

14. Bury the Clichés

15. Silence Can Be The Best Answer

16. The Greatest Teacher

17. Push Open the Floodgate

18. The Essence Of Your Job

19. A Tempest-Tossed Topic

20. The Road Taken

21. Who Do You Say I Am?

22. That Special Moment in Life

23. Your Plans or Their Plans?

24. Never Look Back Unless You Plan to Live That Way

25. How To Stop The Snorting

26. Dig Deeper. Deeper. Still Deeper

27. Always Faithful

28. I Used to Be Decisive-But Now I"m Not Sure

29. Blah Blah Blah

30. Why Is This Day Different?

31. Never Too Late

32. Take Stock Of Your Life

33. The Heart Of The Matter

34. Capture The Moments

35. The Awe and Wonder of Power Questions

Not Just For Sunday

Another 293 Power Questions

About the Authors

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