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Planning cultures in europe Decoding Cultural Phenomena in Urban and Regional Planning Urban and Regional Planning and Development Series

Langue : Anglais

Auteur :

Coordonnateur : Knieling Joerg

Bringing together an interdisciplinary team from across the EU, this book connects elements of cultural and planning theories to explain differences and peculiarities among EU member states. A 'culturized planning model' is introduced to consider the 'rules of the game': how culture affects planning practices not only on an explicit 'surface' but also on a 'hidden' implicit level. The model consists of three analytical dimensions: 'planning artifacts', 'planning environment' and 'societal environment'. This book adopts these dimensions to compare planning cultures of different European countries. This sheds light not only on the organizational or institutional structure of planning, but also the influence of deeper cultural values and layers on planning and implementation processes.
Contents: Preface, Joerg Knieling and Frank Othengrafen. Part 1 Planning Culture - Theoretical Approaches: Theoretical reflections on common European (planning-)cultures, Hans Gullestrup; Planning cultures en route to a better comprehension of 'planning processes'?, Dietrich Fürst; En route to a theoretical model for comparative research on planning cultures, Joerg Knieling and Frank Othengrafen. Part 2 Planning Cultures in Northwestern Europe: How German is it? An essay in epistemological eclecticism, Friedhelm Fischer; Planning culture in Austria - the case of Vienna, the unlike city, Jens S. Dangschat and Alexander Hamedinger; Visualising spatial policy in Europe, Stefanie Dühr. Part 3 Planning Cultures in Eastern Europe - Between Breakup and Tradition: Remarks on the features of Lithuanian planning culture, Eugenijus Kestutis Staniunas; Planning rationalities among practitioners in St Petersburg, Russia - Soviet traditions and Western influences, Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen; The house of many different ages, Violeta Puscasu. Part 4 Planning Cultures in Southern Europe: Planning cultures in Italy - reformism, laissez-faire and contemporary trends, Luciano Vettoretto; Planning culture and the interference of major events. The recent experience of Athens, Konstantinos Serraos, Evangelos Asprogerakas and Byron Ioannou; Coping with the era of change - planning and decision-making under globalisation in Turkey: the case of the French Street urban transformation project, Istanbul, Susanne Prehl and Gül Tuçaltan. Part 5 Interdependencies Between European Spatial Policies and Planning Cultures: The impact of Europeanisation on planning cultures, Bas Waterhout, João Morais Mourato and Kai Böhme; A missing link in the cultural evolution of the European Union: confronting EU ideology with INTERREG III practice concerning cultural diversity, Roel During, Rosalie van Dam and André van der Zande; Territorial cohesion, European social model and transnational cooper

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