Planet earth macmillan world atlas

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Planet Earth Macmillan World Atlas Accuracy, up to date information, ease of use, attractive maps, completeness, utility, authority...All these features come together in Planet Earth Macmillan World Atlas *in a top quality hardcover volume at a remarkably affordable price. Features of Planet Earth Macmillan World Atlas:
  • Maps created from a revolutionary new digital cartographic database
  • 272 pages of extraordinarily beautiful and accurate color maps
  • Locator maps, time zones, and scale in feet and kilometers on each map spread
  • 105,000 entry index
  • Single, unified, detailed scale of 1:5 million used throughout the world
  • Plus close up maps of the United States and southern Canada at 1:2.5 million scale
  • Detailed road mapping information for the business and leisure traveler
  • Realistic, natural map coloration
  • Exclusive fold out MapReader<SUP></SUP> makes reading maps easy

The World.

North and Middle America.

South America.



Australia and Oceania.


United States and Southern Canada.



Selected References.

Index of Map Names.