Physical geology: earth revealed with olc password card (6th ed )

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This text, which includes the same information as the market-leading Physical Geology 10th edition, is for the professor who wants to use the same valuable information and engaging format but in a different teaching sequence. Coverage of plate tectonics is moved to the beginning of the book. The beautiful new art program and interactive writing style will grab students' attention and further their interest in the subject
1 Introducing Geology and An Overview of Important Concepts 2 Earth's Interior and Geophysical Properties 3 The Sea Floor 4 Plate Tectonics 5 Mountain Belts and the Continental Crust 6 Geologic Structures 7 Earthquakes 8 Time and Geology 9 Atoms, Elements, and Minerals 10 Volcanism and Extrusive Rocks 11 Igneous Rocks, Intrusive Activity, and the Origin of Igneous Rocks 12 Weathering and Soil 13 Mass Wasting 14 Sediment and Sedimentary Rocks 15 Metamorphism, Metamorphic Rocks, and Hydrothermal Rocks 16 Streams and Floods 17 Ground Water 18 Deserts and Wind Action 19 Glaciers and Glaciation 20 Waves, Beaches and Coasts 21 Geologic Resources 22 The Earth's Companions