Personality theories : basic assumptions research and applications, 3rd ed 92 ISE

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A clear, thorough and focused introduction to the key theories of personality. This edition retains a distinctive presentation of theories in the framework of their underlying basic assumption. Up-to-date research and personal applications are covered in each chapter. Select theorists have been added, and a new chapter covers research methods, assessment techniques and ethical issues.
CHAPTER 1: Psychology of Personality: An Introduction to the Discipline CHAPTER 2: Research and Assessment in Personality Psychology CHAPTER 3: The Psychodynamic Perspective in Personality Theory: Sigmund Freud CHAPTER 4: Revisions of the Psychological Perspective: Alfred Adler and Carl Jung CHAPTER 5: The Ego Psychology and Related Perspectives in Personality Theory: Erik Erikson, Erich Fromm, and Karen Horney CHAPTER 6: The Dispositional Perspective in Personality Theory: Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattell, and Hans Eysenck CHAPTER 7: The Learning-Behavioral Perspective in Personality Theory: B. F. Skinner, John Dollard, and Neal Miller CHAPTER 8: The Social Cognitive Perspective in Personality Theory: Albert Bandura and Julian Rotter CHAPTER 9: The Cognitive Perspective in Personality Theory: George Kelly and Alabert Ellis CHAPTER 10: The Humanistic Perspective in Personality Theory: Abraham Maslow CHAPTER 11: The Phenomenological Perspective in Personality Theory: Carl Rogers CHAPTER 12: Personality Psychology: New Directions in the Discipline